How Thesis Statement Helps The Entire Essay

How Thesis Statement Helps The Entire Essay

The Importance of a Strong Thesis Statement in an Essay

The thesis statement refers to the sentence that explains the basic notion of drafting an assignment and aids in controlling the ideas drafted on the sheet of paper. The content that we are drafting is not just a topic, but it frequently indicates the judgement or the opinion of the writer that he has made after reading or after personal experience. A strong thesis statement will assist in giving directions to the paper and limiting the contents that must be put down on the paper. It also gives readers a hint about what is discussed in the entire essay. All the paragraphs must be explained, argued and supported by the thesis. These must be supported by detailed evidence, ultimately making the readers keenly interested in the essay. It is also significant to add supporting arguments to the essay as this will aid in holding the idea of the writer. It must be written at the last of the introduction so that it can be elaborated by evidence, arguments, and supporting points in the essay. It should always be remembered that a good introduction, strong thesis statement, evidence, argument and supporting points make an excellent essay.

Thesis Statements: Crafting a Strong Argument

Thesis statements are of much help when drafting an essay. A strong thesis statement has the ability to take a stand for the point. The writer must know the thesis requires a conclusion when drafting a subject. One example is if a student drafts a fitness essay, he might be questioned about choosing a popular product to evaluate weight loss. For this, a few thesis statements are given –

Tea supplement of banana herb has negative as well as positive features.

This statement is considered to be a weak statement. This is so because it fails to support the topic, and secondly, the term negative and positive features do not indicate any clear picture of the statement and need to be more specific.

As tea supplements of banana herb foster loss in weight whose outcomes are muscle loss and a lean body, yet, it also causes a chance of danger to its consumers.

This statement is considered to be a stronger statement. This is so because it supports the statement and is specific in terms.

A strong thesis statement must also show the discussion of the topic. For example, if a student is given an assignment to draft on family kinship systems. And the student writes the thesis statement in two ways. They are –

The family I live with is large.

This statement is considered to be a weak statement as it only shows an observation of the student. And by reading this statement, the reader will not understand what the statement is about.

As we see in most American families that have members with marriages between individuals with the same family, which is considered a threat to the structure of a nuclear family, while there are many families in Iran where people believe that marrying individuals will help reinforce the ties of kinship in a large family.

This statement is considered a stronger thesis as it indicates the contradicting experience of the writer, which shows a widely accepted view. Also, a good strategy for developing a strong statement is to describe the topic the writer is drafting as controversial. And the readers will also develop a keen interest in reading the entire essay to determine how you supported your idea.

A strong thesis statement indicates what exactly is written in the paper and helps the writer to write in a way that will manage the topic. One example is that a student is assigned to write about eight to nine pages on hunger; the writer here states two statements.

There are so many effects and causes of world hunger.

This statement is considered a weak thesis statement for two main reasons. Firstly, the statement about world hunger cannot be explained in detail in eight to nine pages, and secondly, the effects and causes need to be clarified. It is important to discuss the specific effects and causes.

The world is suffering from hunger because jobs are limited in number, and agriculture in infertile land is not much of profit.

This statement is considered to be a good thesis statement. This is so because it makes the subject more accurate per the topic. And it also helps identify the exact reasons for the persistence of hunger.

Also, a strong thesis statement will answer why and how regarding the topic in a particular language.

Another example that explains how a thesis statement helps in drafting an essay.

Human beings are not intrinsically needed to eat flesh. So, vegetarianism is the only choice if anyone wants to stop killing innocent animals.

This statement gives a valid and strong point and expresses debatable thinking, and it must be supported if researched better. This means that this thesis statement can provide better-debated results. A strong thesis statement at the start of an essay will make the reader aware of what the paper talks about and how the writer feels regarding the topic.

Crafting an Effective Thesis Statement

Firstly, it is important to develop a problem or an issue, such as the impact of human beings on climatic changes or the factors resulting in the contribution of homelessness in Ukraine, or something else. It is important to write about a topic that is interesting and controversial as well. It must be something that draws the reader’s attention and makes them feel more interested in it.


The writer must be sure and knowledgeable enough to understand that the thesis statement is broad and specific so that it can be narrowed down and concentrates on the specific details that need to be discussed in the essay. Also, it should be appealing to the readers in large quantities. It must be backed up with better research, and at least 3 evidence must be given to support the statement. And also, the topic must be debatable and based on facts.

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