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Dissertation proposal is a statement of precisely what the researcher is going to investigate and why. In this even the method that is going to be followed in answering the question posed is also discussed. It basically deals with

• What the proposed research us about

• How it will go about doing that

• What it is trying to find out or accomplish

Format of Dissertation Proposal

There are no rules governing the content of a research proposal as they vary depending on the unique nature of the problem studied. We at Academic Assignment follow step-wise outline for preparing a research proposal. It starts with problem statement which is followed by background, justification of the problem, literature review, Reserarch methodology, data analysis and findings and interpretation. All these followed by bibliography where the references are provided that has been used in this thesis.

It starts with the problem statement where logically, the first step in any research is to provide a clear statement of the problem. This step is indispensable in the writing process in that it governs the organization and flow of the thesis. The purpose statement should provide a synopsis of the purpose of the study, briefly define and delimit the specific area of the research, and foreshadow the questions to be raised. The problem statement is followed by background where the relevant facts about the topic and/or research site are provided so that the reader can understand the material or case in the proposal and how it links to the questions posed. After this justification of the problem is written which states the problem, it is also necessary to specify why it is important and what new insights may be found. What would be its net contribution to the body of knowledge in the field(s), and/or towards solving the problems for humanity at large. This section is followed by literature review. It reviews helps relate the proposed study to the larger ongoing discourse in the literature about a phenomenon, filling in gaps in the literature and extending earlier studies. The literature review is neither a chronological summary of related works nor a mere catalogue of previous studies published in the field. After this the Reserarch methodology is discussed where the research method is discussed regarding the nature of the study. The methods or procedures section is undeniably the heart of the research proposal. The type of study being conducted, data collection procedures, the sample selection and data analysis plan are also stated. The research proposal must contain a thorough, focused succinct bibliography. We at ACADEMIC ASSIGNMENTS had been catering millions of clients with dissertation thesis proposal service.


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