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Apart from essay writing, report writing and dissertation writing, we provide a complete solution to our PhD thesis writing service. In this case experts of Academic Assignment offer an action plan or an outline of the entire thesis, which the client can use to complete the entire project. We help student to undertake a PhD writing project based upon the research topic ad fulfil the ultimate goal. Our team of experts is best in thesis writing service and is always willing to help the client by

• Executing the initial PhD research

• Preparing a proposal and a PhD plan

• Researching other PhD thesis

• Mentoring chapters

We provide a complete solution for every PhD candidate with

• Topic solution

• Synopsis (in the form of Research proposal)

• Thesis help

• Data collection and Data Analyses

• Research paper

Reference Style Used in PhD Thesis

In case of technical support, we help the client in using data analysis: SPSS, STAT and other latest software languages. We stick to work on university guidelines with:

• Introduction

• Specifications for thesis format

• Guidelines for structuring content

We offer complete guidance on the 7 step of PhD thesis creation. These steps includes


Here we mention the selected PhD topic and its importance. This requires a broader view of the PhD topic. We keep it short and interesting to read.

Literature review

Here we cover the main root of the problem. What is already known about it? And what are the other means to try and solve the problem? We summarize the problem with solution as a good starting point of the PhD literature review. Besides, we also covet the situation from where the problem arises and the method to resolve it. In this chapter, the main findings of all secondary sources are listed. Further, the research gaps are identified and listed in a categoric manner. Further the theoritical and conceptual framework is build. This is followed by methodology.


This varies from one thesis to another based upon the topic and research. Many traditional as well as modern methods and tools have come in place. This chapter needs explanation of the research approach, research technique, research onion, research philosohy etc. Here we explain the research design with statistical method, surveys, comparisons, tests, questionnaire with special tools that help through the thesis. Our thesis writing service helps the client by providing the right solution for the mentioned problem because our experts are competent to analyse the given problems from all perspectives.

Data analysis and Discussions

For this chapter, we present an overview of the analysis and find factors that limit the data while writing this section our writer concentrates on the physical arguments similar to the equation in the form of the important cases. In case of results and discussions, these are combined in the thesis due to the length and result of several chapters. This section is followed by conclusion, recommendation where our writers provide a brief the entire thesis and suggestion for work. Here the results of the study are mentioned along with any sort of important findings. Our experts provide useful and authoritative sources with links which are easy to view and access. We at AA follow these steps to make the research course easy and perfect to the point as per the requirement of our clients. We provide help with the highest level of commitment.