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Academic Assignments offers a comprehensive range of dissertation writing services to assist students in completing their dissertation papers. Our expert dissertation writers follow meticulous steps and best practices to deliver high-quality, customized dissertations to meet all requirements.

Selecting the Dissertation Topic

The first critical step our writers take is choosing an appropriate, relevant topic for the dissertation. The writer conducts preliminary research into the student’s field to ensure the topic aligns with the correct subject matter. For example, if the student is pursuing a degree in marketing, the writer selects a highly pertinent marketing topic. Other common fields we write dissertations for include human resources, finance, healthcare, information technology, engineering, and more.

In addition to the field of study, the writer also considers the target country and university to tailor the topic. For instance, if the student attends a university in the United Kingdom, the topic is chosen based on relevance for the UK. Other frequent target countries include the United States, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Singapore, Malaysia, and more. Selecting an ideal topic lays the foundation for an exemplary dissertation.

Structuring the Dissertation Layout

Once an appropriate topic is selected, the next step is thoughtfully structuring the layout of the dissertation. This involves developing an outline with logical headings and subheadings that flow well and suit the topic. Structuring the dissertation provides a clear roadmap the writer will follow when conducting research and writing the paper.

For instance, a typical dissertation structure may include the following headings and subsections:


Literature Review







This comprehensive outline guides the dissertation writing process from start to finish, keeping the writer focused.

Conducting Thorough Research

With a well-defined structure, the writer delves into extensive research using the outline as a guide. This involves utilizing scholarly sources, including peer-reviewed journals, academic databases, scientific proceedings, respected media publications, and more.

The writer comprehensively researches each heading and subheading in the dissertation outline to build a robust foundation of knowledge and evidence. For the literature review section, the writer researches existing theories, key studies, and gaps in current literature on the topic. For the methods section, the writer may research best practices for study design, sampling, data collection tools, and statistical analysis. Thorough research lends authority and credibility to the dissertation.

Compiling the Initial Draft

After thoroughly researching the subject matter for each section of the outline, the writer compiles all the information into a cohesive initial draft. This draft adheres to the dissertation structure and contains properly formatted introductions and conclusions for each section. It presents relevant facts, theories, studies, and other evidence to support the dissertation’s purpose.

The draft incorporates necessary sections like the table of contents, list of figures, citations, and reference list in the required academic formatting style, such as APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, IEEE, etc. Tables, charts, graphs, appendices, and other elements are added where applicable to aid in presenting the research. Compiling all information into a structured draft is an integral milestone.

Revising the Dissertation

With the initial draft complete, the writer then turns to revising the dissertation to refine the content. In revision, the writer reviews the dissertation to ensure every element meets the requirements and expectations. Particular attention is paid to:

The writer makes any necessary revisions or additions to optimize the dissertation content. Thorough revision is vital to a top-quality paper.

Delivering a Polished Dissertation

In the final step, the writer provides a polished dissertation that meets every requirement. It represents the writer’s absolute best work – only complete once the client is 100% satisfied. We will revise the dissertation as often as needed until the client approves. Our ultimate goal is a delighted customer who receives an exemplary dissertation.

Assignment Writing Services

Similar to dissertations, our process for assignment writing encompasses research, customization, drafting, revision, and polishing to achieve excellent papers tailored to each student’s needs.

Understanding Assignment Parameters

The first step our assignment writers take is thoroughly reviewing the instructions and grading rubrics provided for the assignment. This enables a complete understanding of what the university, professor, and student expect regarding topics, writing style, formatting, length, deliverables, and any special requirements. Our writers ensure they are clear on all parameters before beginning.

Customizing the Content

With a firm grasp of the assignment parameters, our writers fully customize the content to the student’s course topic and subject matter. Each assignment is written from scratch for that student – we never plagiarize or reuse content. The writer tailors the assignment’s tone, style, and flow to suit the student as needed. Their unique perspective is applied throughout the assignment based on the topic and course.

Following All Instructions

As the assignment is written, our writers follow every detail of the instructions and rubric. This includes elements such as:

Strict adherence to the guidelines from start to finish is key.

Applying Best Practices

In creating top-notch assignments, our writers apply proven best practices for academic writing. Practices may include:

These best practices result in exemplary academic writing.

Reviewing for Quality Assurance

Before delivery to the student, a quality assurance team thoroughly reviews the completed assignment. Their role is to identify any areas for improvement, such as:

The team provides feedback, allowing the writer to optimize the assignment before submission. Thorough QA is essential.

Revising for Customer Satisfaction

For every assignment order, we offer unlimited revisions to ensure the student’s absolute satisfaction. If revisions or additions are requested to improve the assignment, our writers make them straightaway at no extra cost. We will revise an assignment as often as the client needs because the student’s happiness and academic success are paramount.

Delivering High-Quality Assignments

Following this rigorous process, we fulfil every order with a polished, high-quality custom assignment fully tailored to the individual student. Our proven research, writing, quality assurance, and revision steps produce outstanding academic writing that enables students to earn their highest possible grades. Customized service, stellar writing, and great support are our hallmarks.

Academic Assignments’ dissertation and assignment writing services utilize meticulous processes honed over years of experience. We are dedicated to research excellence, customization, quality control, and customer fulfilment through unlimited revisions. Our ultimate mission is each student’s absolute satisfaction with their dissertation, assignment, or other academic paper.


Q: What dissertation services do you offer?

A: We give comprehensive dissertation help, including point brainstorming, proposal writing, full dissertation writing, methodology design, statistical analysis, editing, and proofreading. Let us know what you really want assistance with.

Q: Can you write my entire dissertation for me?

A: Our dissertation writers can take on your full dissertation project and free you from the responsibility. We will lead the literature review, foster the framework, carry out the analysis, analyze data, and incorporate the paper.

Q: I need help with my dissertation methodology. Can you help?

A: Certainly. Our specialists can plan a proper methodology for your dissertation in light of the point and your field’s research methods and practices. We can likewise review your drafted methodology.

Q: How long does it take to complete a dissertation project?

A: Dissertation timelines change in view of length, research needs, and different variables. Be that as it may, we work intimately with you to set doable achievements and deliverable dates to guarantee ideal culmination. Rush orders are likewise accessible.

Q: How do you make sure my dissertation is high quality?

A: Each dissertation goes through thorough quality checks, peer review, plagiarism scans, master editing, and proofreading. We change until you are 100 percent satisfied. Your prosperity is our main concern.

Q: Can I speak to my assigned dissertation writer?

A: Absolutely, direct communication with your writer is empowered. You can reach them with extra instructions, ask questions, review progress, request drafts, and give input all through your undertaking.

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