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Dissertation Writing Service It is important to do the work step by step. We at Academic Assignments provide chapter-by-chapter delivery so that the customer can get continuous feedback from the mentor and we can update the work as per the feedback. This makes us more process-oriented which helps us make the work as per the exact expectation of the mentor. Writing a dissertation can be a daunting task and it is a milestone in an academic career, this allows the students to move towards an advanced degree. Crafting an assignment demands extensive research, critical analysis and a deep understanding of the field of the study, all this allows the students to craft dissertations remarkably. But students of today’s generation find this task too complicated and thus here comes the role of experts who assist you in this embarking journey and come to rescue you by providing you with dissertation services.

Format of a Dissertation


Online Dissertation Writing Services: Academic Assignments have more than 8 years’ experience in dissertation writing services. We are the leaders in Academic Writing in Dubai, UAE, Oman, and Qatar. Dissertation writing is different from assignment writing. Writing a good dissertation paper is somewhat different from writing an academic paper. Writing a dissertation paper is considered to be one of the most difficult parts of writing as it requires structured sentences. A dissertation paper exemplifies the main objectives of how to structure a topic into one frame. A dissertation paper reflects the result of thousands of hours of studying as well as writing and it shows a student for years after graduation. The trait of writing a particular dissertation paper is important to convey thoughts efficiently. A well-structured thesis might be let down by inadequately given thoughts or vague choice of words. The first and foremost step is to plan a draft and consider what to write. Normally a dissertation is preceded by a proposal. We also provide proposal writing services. Online Dissertation Help is the most sought-after service for Academic Assignments. A normal dissertation is divided into 5 main chapters as under:

Chapters of a dissertation

Format Of A Dissertation

Chapter 1 – Introduction Provides background information on the research topic, sets out the aims and objectives, and explains the significance of the study.

Chapter 2 – Literature Review Critically analyzes previous research and theory relevant to the topic. Identifies gaps, contradictions, and opportunities for further investigation.

Chapter 3 – Research Methodology Details the research philosophy, approach, strategy, and methods used to collect and analyze data for the study. Justifies methodological choices.

Chapter 4 – Data Analysis Presents the study’s findings, supported by data. Interprets the findings and discusses how they relate to existing literature.

Chapter 5 – Conclusions and Recommendations Summarizes the overall outcomes, implications and limitations of the research. Makes suggestions for practical applications and future work.

The dissertation is structured logically chapter by chapter to enable the clear flow of ideas. Meticulous planning and utilizing feedback helps match the final dissertation to the student’s academic requirements. Our experienced writers ensure an original dissertation without plagiarism and focused on the chosen topic.

Challenges in writing a dissertation

Students encounter a multitude of challenges throughout the process and some of the most common challenges involve, identifying the research objectives or research questions. Students struggle a lot to identify the scope of the research. And when they are done with the research objectives, gathering relevant information from the correct databases is crucial. The structure of the dissertation needs to follow a logical flow and thus managing and organising the information’s logical way is a complicated task for the students. Moreover, time management is a big challenge for them. As dissertations are meant to be submitted on time failing to craft the dissertation in time can lead to late submission. This hurts the impression of the students and also reduces their marks. If you are struggling with all these challenges feel free to contact us we will be happy to serve you with the dissertation writing services.

Benefits of Professional Dissertation Writing Services

Expert Guidance: At academic assignments, you will have access to chat with the team of experts. The experts will help you to clear all your doubts and will assist you throughout the research.

Quality Assurance: Our professional writers are well-versed in academic writing standards, they will never compromise the quality of the dissertation and will ensure that the dissertation is well-structured, free of plagiarism, address all the requirement and most importantly follows the given guidelines. As the guidelines vary for different universities. 

Intensive Research: Crafting a unique dissertation is not a calk walk and it demands intensive research and finding the relevant sources is quite challenging for students. However, the experts at our organisation have good knowledge about the various databases that help them craft dissertations with uniqueness. 

Uniqueness: Students most often seek help from experts because brilliant minds sometimes fail to create unique assignments. Plagiarism is not at all accepted in an academic career. But our service of dissertation writing guarantees you a unique and plagiarism-free dissertation. 

On-Time Delivery: Students make themselves busy with various activities and thus they do not get time to craft their dissertation. But the experts will take all your headaches and will serve with the writing service before time. Thus, professional writing services will help you to meet deadlines without compromising the quality of your work.  

Customized Dissertation & Thesis Writing

We take pride in offering exceptional dissertation writing services, and the following are the pinpoints that set us apart:

Expert Writers: Writers of Academic Assignment come from well-educated backgrounds and have advanced degrees in various fields. Our writers have proper knowledge of research methodologies, dissertation structures, and research criteria overall they are well-versed in academic writing. 

Tailored Solutions: We believe that each dissertation is unique and comes with different requirements, our writers put their all efforts into understanding your research objectives and customising the services to meet your needs.

Confidentiality: We keep your privacy at the top and ensure that we never share our client’s details at any cost.

Proofreading:  We offer proofreading at a free cost and cross-check the assignments with all the requirements.


Our key differentiators are our personalized approach, ethical practices, experienced researchers, and commitment to empowering students. We don’t just produce a dissertation – we enable students to grow as researchers and writers.

We first consult with students to understand their topic, goals, and vision for the dissertation. Our PhD-qualified writers then create a customized plan and begin drafting the chapters. Each chapter is sent for feedback before proceeding to the next. Unlimited revisions ensure complete satisfaction.

Absolutely. We run each dissertation through advanced plagiarism detection software to ensure complete originality. All sources are properly referenced using the required citation style. We also provide free plagiarism reports upon request.

Based on the requirements, our writers can design and carry out primary research like surveys, interviews, experiments, etc. We also access the latest publications, journals, and databases for secondary research to include the most up-to-date information.

We can work within your timeline, whether it is a few weeks or a few months. However, sufficient time is required to conduct thorough research and ensure high quality. We recommend allowing at least 4-6 weeks per dissertation chapter.

Our team has written dissertations across every major subject, including sciences, social sciences, IT, engineering, humanities, business, and more. We are also highly experienced in both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies.

The completed dissertation and results belong solely to you. Our work is for assistance purposes only. We will never reuse or resell any part of the dissertation. The copyright and intellectual property rights remain entirely with you.

Every dissertation we produce is scanned using sophisticated plagiarism detection tools. We carefully cite and reference all sources using your specified style guide. You also receive a free plagiarism report to verify originality.

We offer a satisfaction guarantee – if you are not fully happy with your dissertation, we will keep working on it until you are. We also guarantee confidentiality, on-time delivery, adherence to your chosen style guide, and full originality per our plagiarism promise.

No. Your dissertation will not be searchable, viewable, or accessible to anyone but you without your consent. We respect your privacy and never share, publish, or reuse dissertations without explicit permission. All work is between you and your institution only.

Partnering with our trusted dissertation writing service makes the entire process smooth and stress-free. Let us take care of the details – you focus on becoming a subject matter expert. Contact our 24/7 support team to get started on your dissertation today.