30 Thesis Statement Examples

30 Thesis Statement Examples
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What is a Thesis Statement?

A persuasive or argumentative thesis must be the starting point for a persuasive or argumentative writing section. In simple terms, the thesis must encompass a subject on which people might fairly disagree. If your argument is widely agreed upon or recognized as truth, there is no purpose in striving to convince others.

30 Examples of Thesis Statement

1. Efforts on anti-pollution in America should mainly focus on privately owned cars

Some American citizens might have considered concentrating on recycling despite knowing that private automobiles are one of the best strategies.

2. The usage of drugs is harmful to our society

As drug includes many illegal uses and is responsible for deaths sometimes if overdosed. Also, it is used for medication. The statement asserts about society, so it is possible to cover the effect of drug usage on children and adults.

3. Students with less income should also be provided with education

Educational institutions should take the initiative and help provide educational resources to low-income students during the summer. This can help the students by making them learn what they were taught.

4. Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is increasing as more teenagers use cell phones and social media. Many young kids are stressed, leading to despair, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. To counteract this, parents must limit the usage of their children`s cell phones and observe and monitor the activity of their children and report any instance of cyberbullying to school officials.

5. Veterans use marijuana for medicines

Several studies have reported that using marijuana for treating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder has been successful in the case of Veterans. Prescriptions for medical marijuana should be made legal in every state and provided to Veterans. In addition, these medical services must be researched and executed so that they can help reintegrate back into civilian life.

6. Adults must know consensual sex

Consensual sex, which is a part of sex education, helps in making youths understand sex education. This ultimately leads to decreasing number of sexual assaults. Parents also need to make their children understand consent from a little age.

7. Encouraging women to participate in political positions

More and more women have to run to the office if we want to see more women in power roles. There ought to be a grassroots movement that educates women about what it takes to get registered for office, who ought to run, and the best way to support a potential candidate to begin their political career.

8. Skills for Digital Literacy

With more resources available than ever before, students should be prepared to evaluate the information they are reading to determine if it comes from a reliable source or contains false information. It is crucial to teach youngsters digital literacy so they can tell the difference between biassed or viewpoint information and accurate information.

9. Athletes of the University must compensate

Athletes of the institution should be rewarded for their contributions, as it is challenging for those students to find and keep a job considering their demanding academic and sports schedules. Many college athletes on scholarships are from low-income neighborhoods and need help finding ways of making ends meet while engaging in sports.

10. Tax levied on cigarettes

Cigarette taxation and price increase tax the most impoverished Americans, yet it does not prevent them from consuming. In contrast, federal and state agencies should educate the economically disadvantaged about the consequences of smoking at a young age.

11. Body Image of Women

Magazines have been doing numerous things in the past few years to feature a more varied range of models, yet there still exists an extended way to go as cultural norms that encourage an active women`s appearance.

12. Studying in Abroad

One of the most ethnically enriching adventures you may undertake in university is to study abroad. This is the only means to fully immerse oneself in another culture`s dialect while discovering the contrast between different civilizations and nations.

13. Choosing whether to attend the University

A university degree delivers significant life and professional skills, yet not all high school pupils should be pushed into attending university immediately after graduation. Several pupils might profit from attending a vocational school or taking a gap year to reflect more deeply on what they want to do for a profession and how they may get there.

14. Beauty Pageants

The idea behind pageants for beauty is that they encourage women. Putting women in swimsuits on a platform while concurrently rating them based on how effectively they answered a challenging query in a short amount of time, on the other hand, is cruel and completely for men`s enjoyment. As a result, we must stop watching beauty pageants on television.

15. To minimize unemployment and boost the environment, and local economies, Blue-collar workers in the country should be trained again for work in green energy.

Coal mine workers and other blue-collar employees whose jobs are gradually vanishing must be trained again in technology or energy conservation careers. A program for retraining these employees would not only benefit communities where employment has been lost, but it would also result in decreased countrywide unemployment.

16. Balancing Work-Life

Organizations must offer highly work-from-home possibilities and six-hour days at work to help office workers achieve a greater equilibrium between work and life and become more productive while they spend time in their workplace.

17. The increase in internet purchasing in the aftermath of Covid-19 may result in the irreversible shutdown of millions of physical stores.

Several study papers, figures, and estimates have been published on the expansion of purchasing via the Internet, businesses such as Amazon throughout the crisis. Similarly, several businesses, including Microsoft`s retail locations, have closed indefinitely due to the epidemic. Covid-19 has additionally resulted in the shuttering of nearly every sort of firm from a broad spectrum of sectors, especially those unable to digitize.

18. As conventional libraries become outdated due to digital gadgets, the government should finance digital rather than physical libraries to alleviate the financial strain on students who must purchase pricey e-books.

It would be necessary for the person writing the thesis to establish a compelling argument for why traditional libraries are more costly to operate and ineffective to maintain than online libraries, which may enable students to get books without spending high fees for borrowing or buying e-books. Open education resources can also assist students to succeed in their studies.

19. Most people in a nation cannot afford health care because of low average wages, prohibitive costs for key drugs, and a shortage of government-funded facilities.

It focuses on a specific nation and indicates that most citizens cannot shell out for healthcare services owing to low average salaries, pricey vital drugs, and a shortage of government-funded facilities. These phenomena impact a lot of emerging nations. In certain low-income nations, a single hospital exists for 5 million inhabitants, and most areas even lack a rudimentary medical facility. In addition, exchange rates influence drug pricing, and an unstable currency can potentially increase prices for impoverished nations that depend on foreign medicine. All necessary national statistics, including average earnings, information regarding public healthcare facilities, and pharmaceutical pricing, can be obtained from official sources and independently conducted research.

20. A broad collection of persons working on human development initiatives can enhance the organization and effectiveness of development programs for marginalized populations.

Organizations in the development sector, particularly international non-governmental organizations, frequently aim to account for diversity by hiring individuals from diverse religious, ethnic, and educational backgrounds to carry out human development programs. Professionals from different nations are often hired to contribute their expertise.

21. Governments should prioritize adaptation to climate change because the greenhouse effect cannot be stopped.

It addresses climate change and claims that global warming is unstoppable. This matter is hotly debated, claiming the amount of carbon in the Earth`s atmosphere cannot be lowered. There is enough study and information available on the issue to build a case. Additionally, adaptation to climate change is a prominent issue, with many countries worldwide developing adaptation plans.

22. Wind turbines must be substituted with other renewable energy sources due to their dangers to the health of humans and animals.

While wind turbines were once heralded as a complementary form of renewable energy, research has shown that the whirring noise and impacts of wind turbines on people and animals may be highly detrimental. This covers birds killed by turbine crashes and sound pollution created by them.

23. As most people in some countries may be hesitant to vaccinate owing to their aversion to the Covid-19 vaccine, the authorities must guarantee that mass vaccination campaigns begin before the release of the vaccine.

It provides a case for vaccination by urging individuals to get vaccinated immediately as a new vaccine is available. It can be supported by evidence of how anti-vaccination campaigns and misinformation have historically contributed to disease transmission. Incorrect assumptions and refusal of the polio vaccination, for instance, have culminated in instances continuing to be recorded in nations such as Pakistan and Afghanistan.

24. Advantages of the Internet

The internet allows people worldwide to connect quickly, creating new connections and sharing thoughts that might not have happened otherwise. Although the internet has many advantages, it should focus on the capacity to make fresh connections while exchanging ideas. Furthermore, it must demonstrate how linking individuals worldwide was only occupied after the invention of the internet.

25. Consumption of Alcohol

High alcohol intake has negative health consequences like heart disease, liver issues, and weight gain. It highlights the reason why it is harmful to use alcohol.

26. The United States House of Representatives should vote to repeal the national tax on estates.

The United States House of Representatives ought to vote on repealing the national tax on estates as the income raised through the tax is insignificant represents an efficient arguing thesis as it indicates an individual’s role and actions and may be backed up with proof about the small number of earnings produced by the tax on estates.

27. Rehabilitation programs for people suffering life imprisonment should be sponsored.

Rehabilitation programs for people suffering life imprisonment should be sponsored because of their ability to lower violence in jails. It is an argumentative thesis that may be supported by information that includes case reports and stats.

28. Working-Force Diversity

A varied collection of people in a working environment leads to more ideas, greater collaboration, and more compassion between people with different complexion and ethnicity.

29. The American Civil War

It can be explained that many Southerners argue that the region of the South separated from the Union in exchange for the rights of the states rather than to continue slavery, which is a detrimental myth that continues to damage racial relations to date.

30. Veganism

A vegan diet is a healthful and decent way to consume food, but it also demonstrates an appearance of authority. If someone travels all over the world, this additionally restricts their access to various cultural eating experiences.

Are you still stuck? Do you need assistance creating your statement of thesis?

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