What is the best way to submit your Assignment?

What is the best way to submit your Assignment

Submitting assignments plays a crucial role and is an essential part of the educational journey; it adds value to the pursuing course. Whether you are pursuing regular courses or online courses, before submitting the assignment, you must have proper knowledge and understanding of the best way to submit your assignment, guiding you to success. This blog will guide you through the key consideration and provide valuable steps that you must follow to ensure an efficient assignment submission.

What are assignments?

Assignments are the task provided by the university or college or any other discipline that mainly focuses on a specific topic (Storch and Tapper., 2000). Assignments help students to gather knowledge and develop research skills.

Why assignment is important for students

Assignments are an integral part of the educational journey and play a significant role in their overall learning and development. Submitting assignments demonstrates their understanding of the subject matter. Submitting assignments reflects their ability to understand the field of study and makes them responsible. When students work on assignments, they engage in extensive research, broadening their knowledge. This enhances their comprehension and enables them to develop a broader understanding of the assigned topic. This also cultivates some skills in them, such as time management, problem-solving skills, and analytical skills. And thus developing valuable organisational skills essential in academic and professional fields.

Guidance for submitting assignments anonymously

Before submitting the file, make sure you go through the submission guidelines properly. Most of the students make a common mistake; they save their files with their name or roll no, but it may deduct their marks, or the extreme case would be the organisation may reject their paper. So don’t save your work by your name; the file name must be with the topic name with the module name or submission code. This varies depending on the guidelines of the assignment. You must ensure the entire document must not contain your name and your student’s id or roll no. You must submit your assignment through Turnitin and do not include your name.

Submitting Process through Turnitin

With these four simple steps and you are done with the submission process.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an assignment?

Assignments are tasks that may be practical or theoretical assignments that the students must complete within a stipulated time. Whether an individual is pursuing a short-term or long-term course, one must submit their assignment without failing to promote themselves in the next standard. Assignments are usually assigned by the professors or tutors.

Why are assignments important?

Assignments are an integral part of the educational journey and play a vital role in students’ academic careers. When students work on assignments, it reflects their understanding of the subject and develops a broad understanding of the given topic. This also enables them to manage time, stress and pressure. This is a life lesson for them as these three factors will also help them in their professional journey.

What is the best way to submit assignments?

There is no single solution to this question, but the most important thing you must consider before submitting your assignments is following the submission guidelines. You must be careful about plagiarism issues, proofread your documents, check your grammar score through Grammarly, and avoid saving your document with your name.

How do I submit my assignments through Turnitin?

To submit your file through Turnitin, you must log in to NILE, select your module from the list and click on “submit your work”, but before you click on the check box, you must check whether you have saved the file with your name or not and if you have done that change that with your students’ id or student roll no.

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