What is Research Paradigm

What is Research Paradigm
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A research paradigm is a methodology or a model, or an example to direct research. It is a system of considerations, convictions, or understandings inside which speculations and practices work. It is a component of a researcher’s opinion on improving information. In short, a research paradigm is a course outlining the research.

A research paradigm is of three kinds

  1. What is an information guarantee.
  2. How might information be gained or delivered.
  3. How the degree of its adaptability can be evaluated.

Epistemology responds to one inquiry – “How might we know reality”. For instance, think about the inquiry, “How do you have any idea regardless of whether God exists”.

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Research  Philosophy , along with research methodology, make a research paradigm

Research philosophy is characterized as advancing research presumption, insight, and nature. Research philosophy presents the idea of the research, the sort of data related to it, the comprehension of the wellsprings of the data and hypothetical ways to dissect it.

“Ontology and epistemology are two different ways of the survey a research philosophy”.

There are four significant kinds of research ways of philosophy-

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Further, to settle on the research paradigm, research methodology is to be chosen too. The research methodology incorporates explicit systems or procedures to investigate the data gathered for the research. A research methodology incorporates

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