What is a Metaphor?

What is a Metaphor
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Have you at any point found out about the word ‘metaphor’? A large portion of you know about the word; however, you don’t have the foggiest idea about the meaning of the Metaphor. Is it valid? 

Allow me to direct you in understanding this point with models. 

What is a metaphor? 

It is such a figure of speech in which a word is applied to an activity to which it isn’t in a real sense pertinent. Essentially speaking, it is a thing viewed as an emblematic portrayal of something different. It is an explanatory gadget, too. A thought or circumstance, or item is alluded to straightforwardly as something it isn’t. 

Metaphor is utilized in a sentence as a literary gadget. It can give a more nitty-gritty and complex portrayal of something, which provides the peruser with a brief encounter. Here and there, it gives lucidity or recognizes the secret likenesses between two different thoughts. 


“All the world’s a phase, 

And every one of the people. 

Simply players; 

They have their ways out and their passageways….” 

These lines are from Shakespeare’s theatrics “As You Like It” 

Here we observe the use of Metaphor as the world isn’t a phase by any means. Again, individuals are additionally not entertainers and entertainers who are assuming parts. By the line “All the world’s a phase”, Shakespeare attempted to separate the differentiation between the world and the stage to explain the mechanics of the world and the human conduct living on the planet. 

Portions of Metaphor 

The book ‘The Philosophy of Rhetoric” composed by I. A. Richards, portrayed the Metaphor as having two sections: the tenor and the vehicle. The tenor shows the subject to which characteristics are doled out. Then again, the vehicle is the article whose ascribes are acquired. 

In the model referenced previously, 

“All the world’s a phase,” 

The world is contrasted with the stage. Here ‘the world’ is the tenor, and ‘a phase’ is the vehicle. 

Then again, 

“And every one of the people. 

Only players;” 

Here ‘people’ is the tenor and ‘players’ is the vehicle. 

Which means of Metaphor 

The word ‘metaphor’ is a Greek expression that means move. Metaphor conveys or moves importance from a single word, thought or circumstance to another. 

Kinds of Metaphor 

You feel the wonder that even Metaphor has varieties. There are three kinds of Metaphors that we find in writing. 

a) Visual Metaphor: this is the most widely recognized Metaphor wherein we track down pictorial imagery or similarity. 

Model: Harry Potters’ scar is the best illustration of visual Metaphors addressing various topics which effectively stand out for audiences. 

b) Standard Metaphor: it is additionally called stock metaphor. In this sort, we track down an unmistakable differentiation between two not at all like things. 

Model: He is the main beam of any expectation of the widowed mother. 

c) Extended Metaphor: in this kind, we track down the augmentation of Metaphor over numerous verses of sonnet or composition. 

Model: “It is the East, and Juliet is the Sun! 

Emerge, reasonable sun, and kill the jealous mindset,” 

It is a well-known expression taken from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet where 

Shakespeare has utilized Metaphor by contrasting Juliet with the sun to portray her greatness and splendour. 

d) Implied Metaphor: it is such a sort of Metaphor that shows the examination between two things that are not the same. 

Model: to portray an obstinate man who is reluctant to leave, you can say “a jackass holding fast”. Here the man is contrasted with the jackass. 

Metaphors which we use in day to day existence: 

  • Life is a thrill ride. 
  • He is an evening person. 
  • Tom is a chicken. 
  • The snow is a white cover. 
  • Sovereign Elizabeth was the sparkling star of the family. 
  • Much thanks. You are a heavenly messenger. 

A considerable lot of you might feel befuddled while separating among analogy and Metaphor. A considerable lot of you might track down that there is no distinction between these two except for on the off chance that you notice unmistakably you will track down the changes. We should comprehend the distinction. 

Difference between Simile versus Metaphor 

There are clear qualifications among Simile and Metaphor. 

  1. In Simile, we find associating words, for example ‘as’, ‘like’ in Metaphor, we don’t find such interfacing words. 
  2. The likeness is utilized when there is a correlation between two unique things. Again, Metaphor likewise depicts an examination between two different things. Yet, this situation finishes the word without utilizing the joining words, such as, or, as and so on. 
  3. The Simile makes an unequivocal examination, and the Metaphor makes a specific correlation. 


  • Simile: Tom is just about as astute as a fox. 
  • Metaphor: Tom is a fox. 
  • Simile: Angelina resembles a heavenly messenger. 
  • Metaphor: Angelina is a holy messenger. 

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