Top 10 MBA Programs Worldwide: A Comprehensive Review

Top 10 MBA Programs Worldwide

What are the benefits of an MBA?

MBA helps increase the marketability as a professional and enhances the quantity and quality of jobs. In other words, it helps create business leadership skills and extend the professional network. One of the advantageous aspects of an MBA degree is that it helps amplify earning potential. This is because the students are taught communication, leadership, analytical, and strategic decision-making skills.

All the skills above are taught by the top 10 MBA programs, which are discussed below as follows:

1. Standford Graduate School of Business

The motto of this business school is to transform students into business leaders by enabling them to gain global experience. Their two-year MBA program enables a student to become a leader and transform into a better person (Miotto et al. 2019). In this school, the admission events comprise sessions on MBA information, small group chats, panels, and the chances to engage with alums, other students and staff. Ten thousand alumni work in esteemed organisations and strive to change the world around them.

2. Harvard Business School

A two-year full-time MBA programme with a management curriculum based on practical experience is available from the Harvard Business School. By enrolling in an MBA programme at HBS, a student assumes that they are a part of a worldwide community that fosters lifelong learning and promotes careers, working with teachers, peers, and staff who will hasten their progress (Miotto et al. 2019). This institution offers financial aid of $42 k which is a scholarship award. About 50 per cent of students have received scholarship-based awards. This business school offers dynamic learning environments. Learning is imparted with method courses, tech simulations, FIELD projects and reflective exercises, which help discover potential and help the students become inspiring leaders as never thought before. Fortune marks the HBS as the best institution that gives full-time MBA programs (Miotto et al. 2019). Students who pass out from this institution can get jobs in esteemed organisations, and they are placed among the best alums. Notwithstanding the challenges of hybrid learning, the HBS has given fabulous opportunities to students in about 335 organisations.

3. The Wharton Business School

Another top university in the United States is the Wharton Business School. It also offers a two-year degree of MBA course. It helps the students build their leadership skills that help realise their goals throughout their careers. The worth of an MBA in today’s business is hard to calculate; however, the value of Wharton business school must be considered. This business school exposes the students to 100000 alums whose mentoring helps them in learning. This organisation has earned a global reputation by imparting teaching to the best minds for over a century (Miotto et al. 2019). The research and curriculum of this business school focus on productivity, social progress and growth. It also helps fuel entrepreneurship by transforming ideas into sustainable and scalable businesses.

4. London Business School

An MBA program offered by the London Business School is one of the most prestigious programs in the world. It is worth the investment of money and time because it offers a strong network of alums who have been successful in their respective domains. It draws students from different nationalities, industries, and cultural backgrounds, which contributes to a diversified learning environment (Weng, n.d.). By incorporating actual business challenges into the curriculum, it primarily focuses on practical learning rather than just theoretical learning. Finally, it helps the students to advance in their careers while increasing their career prospects and earning potential. MBA graduates from LBS earn about £115,000, increasing over the year. In 2021, the salary of MBA graduates increased to £142000. This rising trend denotes that MBA programs offered by LBS are highly valued in the job market. The graduates are being rewarded with an increase in salary due to their experience and education (Weng, n.d.). It is significant to note that the salary increase depends on various factors such as negotiation skills, industry and location. However, the promising indicator is the year-over-year increase in the average salaries of LBS MBA graduates. The MBS course focuses on the global business landscape reflected in the international faculty and the student body(Weng, n.d.). The fee for the MBA program is £109700. This comprises the tuition fees, other fees and living expenses. This might appear to be a significant investment; however, the ROI of LBS makes it a worthy investment. As per the Financial Times, the average increase in salary of MBA graduates is 107% three years after graduation. This denotes that the salary of the graduates marks an increase than double the pre-MBA salary.

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5. Durham University Business School

The MBA course offered by Durham University Business School helps transform the career by developing the leadership capabilities to excel in the fast-progressing business environment. The Business School ranks 8th in the UK and 23rd in Europe as per the financial times report. It combines theory with practical business experience, helping develop the capabilities and knowledge within the career aligned with the professional aspirations. It guarantees 90 per cent placement to their students whose average salaries start from $120556. The MBA graduates get their jobs within three months of the course completion. Some alums include Sir Timothy James, a retired navy officer; Graham Bruce Hancock, a British writer and journalist and Crispin Jeremy Rupert Blunt, the British Conservative Party politician (Miotto et al. 2020). Applicants must submit a personal statement stating their motivation to pursue the MBA course, their academic strengths and weaknesses, and the relevant background. In addition to this, they can outline their research interest and ambition comprising the relevant information. The world-class reputation, collegiate community, and specialisations in accounting finance, management, economics, diversity and historical setting make the Durham University Business School unique from the other business schools in the UK. In other words, this business school is a hub for business and innovation, so it is regarded as the best in the world (Miotto et al. 2020).

6. Imperial College Business School

This business school offers courses on both part-time and full-time MBA. Thre course leverages skills in innovation, technology, sustainability and business. This helps provide a transformational educational experience to the students, thereby helping them become business leaders who shall be well-equipped to adapt to the digitised world. Their full-time MBA program is one year, and it teaches them to build the foundation of the business by shaping the project portfolio that will suit their personal and academic needs. On the other hand, the part-time MBA program also helps is conducted online, which also helps shape leadership skills. In addition, the executive MBA course helps develop leaders in the technologically driven world. The program offered by this college promotes inclusivity and cultural diversity, which will help stimulate the mindset of the students (Miotto et al. 2020). It will equip the students with the tools and network required to achieve the goals. Students will never regret being admitted to this university as it helps their personal and professional development. 20 per cent of the alums are in the roles of CEO, MD, and President, and 40 per cent of them are working as executives and managers. As a result, it attracts many students globally every year. As per the Financial Times ranking, it occupies the 19th position. A few of the alums are Adrain Greenwood, the British historian, and Jean-Marc Gales, the CEO of Lotus PLC.

7. University of Birmingham

The Birmingham Business School occupies a place at the forefront of business education and is globally acclaimed; thus, it has ranked internationally in the ranking table and has received accreditation by EQUIS and AACSB. During the MBA, students in this college are taught to depth knowledge and the marketable skills needed to operate and excel worldwide. It enables the students to learn critical business skills, management techniques, and operations principles besides their work and put their learning skills to the test to succeed in the workplace (Miotto et al. 2020). The one-to-one coaching provided during the course helps the students advance in their careers, and the employment-related services offered help them excel at their workplaces. The programs are taught by professionals who comprehensively understand international business challenges today. Thus MBA graduates from this university can make a positive and greater impact in today’s business world.

8. Warwick Business School

The Warwick business school is ranked first in the UK, and it provides a fast-paced MBA programme where students will learn a lot about the global business environment. This course is mainly designed for visionary leaders who want to change the world. Hence, the full-time MBA programme enables the students to develop confidence in tools and a clear picture to leap to the next level of their careers. The course provides unlimited coaching, in-depth knowledge about the leading organisations and the different sectors and cultures so that they can achieve their full potential to work. The students can learn about leadership skills, various perspectives and viewpoints, and develop an entrepreneurial mindset and professional network to decipher the various understandings and practices. MBA graduates earn £98,226, and the fee required to pursue the course is £18200.

9. Lancaster University Management School

It is also one of the top universities for pursuing a degree in MBA. They are triple credited by EQUIS, AACSB, Small business charter and the Association of MBA. The students who have graduated from this university positively impact their workplaces. In other words, the students are helped to develop their leadership and professional development skills to excel as professionals and managers. The fee for pursuing the MBA course is 16500 euros. It is affordable for the students while providing academic excellence, research opportunities, and strong student support services. The faculty mostly focus on building the attitudes and confidence the students require to be effective managers at the senior management level.

10. University of Exter Business School

The University of Exeter Business School also provides courses on MBA. Because of its first-class reputation, it attracts students from all across the world. In the UK market, it is ranked in the 4th position, which is why it gives students access to knowledge, data and the latest trends within the global industry. The course also offers personal transformations and helps promote critical thinking skills. Furthermore, the students are also required to navigate the ethical decisions that leaders decide regularly.


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1. What are the benefits of an MBA program?

Ans: MBA helps in the development of management and leadership skills. Besides this, it also helps in developing strategic thinking skills and integrative problem-solving skills. Thus this increases the marketability and enhances the chances of getting jobs.

2. Why is the Harvard Business School renowned?

Ans: Pursuing an MBA course at HBS denote that a student is engaged in the global community that gives lifelong learning and supports career. Students graduating from this university have an increased scope of getting well-paid jobs.

3. Why is London business school popular?

Ans: Besides theoretical learning, LBS mainly focuses on practical learning by integrating real-world business problems into the curriculum. Finally, it helps the students to progress in their careers while enhancing their career prospects and earning potential

4. What is covered by the MBA course provided by Warwick University?

Ans: The MBA course offered by Warwick University helps develop leadership, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Also, the various perspective of leadership skills are taught, which helps them to excel in their workplace.

5. What is the significance of the Wharton Business School?

Ans: The research and curriculum of this business school are concerned about productivity, social progress and growth. It also assists in developing entrepreneurship.

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