Top 10 Group Discussion Topics for MBA Admissions in 2023

Top 10 Group Discussion Topics for MBA Admissions in 2023

Group Discussions are considered a significant part of the selection process in most business schools. A student’s preparation needs to finish with the completion of the management entrance test. And to succeed in the process of admission to a Master in Business Administration (MBA), the student has to clear all the selection rounds of the colleges that offer the degree for an MBA. Whether it is the selection criteria of any IIM or any other college providing an MBA degree anywhere in the world, a student who opts for the degree of MBA has to clear the entrance test of the college, group discussion (GD) and personal interview (PI) so that they can secure their seat in the MBA course. The group discussion round is mainly considered the toughest part to clear. This is so because the student has to work with other students while competing with them. Therefore, doing good preparation, having a better understanding and knowledge and acquiring the appropriate strategies in the correct place are most important to success.

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To prepare a student for the GD round, it is essential to know the type of topic which is given to you to talk about. Group discussion mainly consists of 5 to 10 candidates who work together, but at the same time, they also compete with each other. The most current topics for GD for taking admissions in MBA courses differ every year based on the advancements in the industry sector or business sector as well as the economy. The latest topics generally are associated with current affairs; thus, the candidates who appear in the group discussion round must keep up with the latest information, specifically with the news and information related to the world of business and industries. Several colleges also provide the candidates with some popular topics of GD from the general areas like globalization. The current topics for GD for taking admissions in MBA are given below –

Types of Group Discussion Topics For The Process Of Admission In MBA

To take a stand and convey the ideas processed in the candidate’s mind clearly, they have to understand the types in which the topics of GD are discussed and distinguished. There are two main types of GD. One is Topic-based, and the other is based on a case study.

  • Topic-Based Group Discussion – This kind of group discussion mainly includes topics from different areas focusing on the discussion`s theme. The candidates who opt for an MBA degree should at least have a basic understanding and knowledge of the topics, and also they need to perform well and score well in the GD round. This type of GD is also categorized from some of the common areas. These are discussed below –
  • Social Issues – Events, policies and issues associated with topics like gender equality, campaigns of social awareness, corporate ethics, education and environment and so on are some common topics discussed while taking admissions an MBA.
  • Current Affairs – Candidates need to read about the latest or trending topics on the international and national levels. If any event happening in the nation or the world becomes trending or a hot topic to discuss, it can appear to discuss in the GD round while taking admissions in MBA courses.
  • Business and Economy – Candidates opting for admission to MBA courses must update themselves with the latest events, news and information related to the economic policies, businesses and the effect of decisions based on the policies made on the national and international stage.

10 Topics For Group Discussion For The Process Of Admissions In The MBA Course

  1. Innovation vs Invention
  2. Decision-making based on AI-driven technologies
  3. Investments in cryptocurrencies
  4. Economic survey 2023
  5. Entrepreneurs and startups
  6. Balancing work and life
  7. Are the economy and the stock market unrelated?
  8. Failing as a path towards achievement
  9. Need of patience in business management
  10. Is terrorist activity the price of a democratic system?

Case study-based group discussion – The topics based on case studies mainly depend on a specific scenario or situation. These circumstances or scenarios are given as a question to a group of candidates and asking the solution to the case study based on the circumstance. Many topics based on case studies are associated with management during the GD round for the admission process of an MBA—for instance, arguments or conversations between the employee and the employer. The arguments between them are mainly open discussions where every candidate has to put effort into solving the situation by giving their thoughts on the particular situation. The skills of analyzing and decision-making among candidates are mainly evaluated by having this type of group discussion. And, to perform well and score well in the group discussion, the candidates have to be updated with the latest news and information and must acquire knowledge and understanding of the popular topics. Candidates also have to improve and enhance their communication skills so they cannot feel any difficulty speaking.

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