Strategies for conducting research for coursework projects

Strategies for conducting research for coursework projects
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With the accumulation of university coursework, it is advisable to commence some traditional research methods. It is assumed that you have attended a library tutorial or visited the library to familiarize yourself with its layout and locate books related to your subject area. However, with the growing availability of online resources, conducting research can now be done from the comfort of your bed. In this article, we will outline some search strategies to help you achieve optimal results for your coursework.

Presumably, you are cognizant that Wikipedia is only a credible source to reference when composing your coursework if your paper specifically pertains to Wikipedia. However, it can serve as a useful starting point to gain a basic understanding of your subject. Typically, the articles are composed clearly and, making it an expedient way to verify crucial dates, among other details. Therefore, you may use it for this purpose, but ensure to obtain the information from a reliable source (and verify its accuracy) before submitting your coursework.

Google Scholar is a useful resource but should only be relied upon with a grain of salt. Not all articles are accessible through this platform, and some of the material available may not be high quality. However, it can be beneficial in discovering article titles that could be helpful, which can then be searched for within your university’s journal subscriptions. Furthermore, by employing the advanced features, you can effortlessly link to certain journal articles your university subscribes to. This lets you easily access the articles you require during your search, as your library has already subscribed to them. To do this, access the “library links” within the settings and input your institution name – you will be required to verify your credentials at some point. Additionally, the advanced search options can be accessed by clicking on the downward arrow in the search bar, which allows you to refine your search criteria.

Undoubtedly, your primary resource should be the library. The librarians have subscribed to many databases and journals and made them accessible to you through the library’s website. It is essential to access a range of databases to obtain comprehensive results. Utilize the advanced search features while searching and experimenting with different keywords. One effective way to begin your search is by examining the required reading materials for your course and identifying the cited articles.

You may be contemplating if all of the research above methods are essential, considering that most courses provide a reading list of materials for seminars. Can’t you solely focus on the listed materials and save time by avoiding searching for additional articles and books? Although this approach may suffice, nothing pleases lecturers more than independent research that brings a unique perspective to an essay or project. Therefore, if you aim for higher grades, conducting additional research on your own is crucial.

Conducting research should not be daunting or challenging, especially if you utilize a variety of resources that are easily accessible with an internet connection. You will soon conduct searches like an expert by utilizing different resources, practising, and becoming familiar with the process.

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