Ranking The Top UK Business Schools

Ranking The Top UK Business Schools

The Top UK Business Schools

1. London Business School

This is one of the best and leading business schools in today’s time, and it was founded in 1964. The school was entitled to be the best business school in the UK and has a triple crown (AACASB, EQUIS, AMBA). The school is committed to offering full-time MBA courses and thus aims to empower individuals to change how business is done worldwide. It is in three international cities, namely London, New York and Dubai. This business school has the support of 47000 plus alumni, and with their support, they equip students with the knowledge of business experience and networking opportunities with students around the world. They have designed their programs in such a way to provide the wealth to change the way the world runs a business and the way the business of the modern generation is impacting the world.

Programs Offered by them

The school offers PG courses in diverse subject areas that involve

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Management Science and Operations
  • Marketing
  • Organisational Behaviour and Strategy
  • Entrepreneurship

Career Opportunities

The business school also offers students marvellous career opportunities throughout their lifelong journey. They are committed to bringing change in the economy as well as in the career journey of their valuable students. The business school alumni always try to support the students by providing them with the best career opportunities that fit their interests. They have a record that most pass-out graduates see themselves in leading organisations worldwide in various sectors. They help the students build skills and feed them with the necessary knowledge so that they can build exceptional careers. For best assignment writing, contact us!

2. Alliance Manchester Business School

This business school in Manchester is known to be one of the oldest business schools in the UK. The business choo provides education to undergraduate, postgraduate and executives. As per the Finacial Time 2018 report, Alliance Manchester Business School’s MBA programme ranks 4th in the UK, and MSC Business Analytics ranks 2nd in the UK. The university was founded in 1918, and this business school has the largest campus in the UK. The school offers courses specific to industry business and management education. In addition to this, the school has been offering these courses for more than 55 years, and they are present in Dubai, Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong and Manchester. Apart from this, the business school has designed their courses in such a way that they produce graduates who have sharp knowledge about today’s business environment and they teach them theories of business in detail and also opens up doors for the students so that they can also gain practical experience by applying the theoretical knowledge. They organise projects, internships, workshops and many more, and all these allow the students to showcase their learning from the courses and also allow them to identify where they could improve. This hands-on experience that the students gain enables them to stand out from the crowd and see themselves as leading the largest organisation in the world. The business school is popular for its international perspectives and diverse nature within its campus and thus boosts a strong alum network.

Courses offered by them

Their undergraduate courses cover:

  • Accounting
  • Information Technology Management for Business
  • International Business, Finance and Economics
  • International Management
  • Management

The postgraduate courses allow students to finetune their knowledge and skills, and this inspires them to think out of the box and link their learning with real-life business; their business master’s degree involves

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Business and Management
  • Innovation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing, Operations and Business Analytics
  • People and Organisation

Career Opportunities of the Graduates

After pursuing graduation from the Alliance Manchester Business School, graduates see themselves in the following sectors.

  • 0-5% of students are placed in Hospitality, Auditing, Investment Banking, and Engineering.
  • 5-10% of the students get placed in IT departments, Banking, Consulting, Financial Services
  • 10-15% of the students get placed in the retail industry
  • And over 15% of the graduates get placed in Accounting and Finance

They get placed all over the world and involve

  • UK
  • India
  • Malaysia
  • USA
  • Germany
  • Indonesia
  • Paraguay
  • Bangladesh
  • Greece
  • Kazakhstan
  • Nigeria
  • UAE

3. University of Oxford

The university is known as Oxford, and each student dreams of concentrating on there. The university positioned third in the UK for its scholastic greatness. The university was laid out in 1096 and is perhaps of the most established university in the English-speaking world. The inside plans of the university give an exceptional and captivating experience to the students. The university is resolved to research and developments that make an enormous commitment to the association’s success, where the university’s students assume a main part. Moreover, the university has a record of ranking among the world’s top research organizations. Hence, this trait of the university permits the students to draw in themselves in research programs and accordingly apply their theoretical knowledge and gain pragmatic experience. This isn’t simply restricted to pragmatic experience; it likewise permits them to team up with world-class scholastics. The involved experience improves their instructive excursion and upgrades their professional life.

Courses offered by the University

Oxford’s academic offerings are however various as they seem to be thorough. The college is coordinated into different schools and divisions, each gaining practical experience in unambiguous areas of review. Oxford’s educational plan covers each academic discipline, from humanities to sciences, social sciences to engineering. Undergraduates can look over different courses, permitting them to fit their schooling to their interests and career goals. The prestigious instructional exercise framework, where students get customized guidance from master coaches, encourages decisive reasoning and free learning. The college is known to offer many courses, and it has a few universities and divisions under them, and each gives specialization courses in unambiguous areas of study. They offer courses from humanities to science and from social science to engineering. They have A-Z courses that cover each academic discipline. This empowers the students to pick the subject that accommodates their interests.

Career Opportunities

Oxford University provides immense opportunities to its students, including offering placements, arranging for interviews and assisting the students with proper guidance so that they crack the interview on their first attempt. There is no need to broadly define the career opportunities of the Passout graduates as this can be understood from the university’s reputation for its academic excellence. The university contributes to empowering the nation with excellent human resources, which changes the world of business in today’s generation. The university opens up doors for the employees for exclusive jobs as many multinational companies recruit graduates from Oxford, and thus, the pass-out graduates of Oxford University often see themselves in prestigious positions across diverse industries. In addition, in the last few years, the university has introduced diversity and inclusion on the campus, thus allowing students from various backgrounds and cultures. This allows students to excel in their knowledge by developing bonds and connections with individuals from different cultures. Where they exchange their knowledge and thus excel in skills and knowledge and utilise these in their professional career. That helps enhance their overall performance and allows them to bring success to the organisation where they work.

4. Cambridge Judge Business School

The Cambridge Judge Business School is often called the University of Cambridge and was founded in 1990. The business school offers various management programs, including MBA, Executive MBA and Master of Finance. Apart from this, their courses have a strong emphasis on entrepreneurship. Their courses and programmes are designed to bring changes in an individual’s career and the overall economy.

Courses offered by them

The university is known to provide the mentioned MBA programs: Business Administration, Business Administration, Executive and Executive MBA. Apart from this, they also provide courses in another academic discipline. They offer courses in science to social science and also engineering to medicine. The master’s degree programs have been designed to provide experimental learning to their students and allow them to gain practical knowledge, thus enabling them to link their learning with practical life. Their courses allow the students to gain grounding experiences that help to develop the base of management practices, and this experience helps to enrich their professional career. In addition, students also get the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and critical thinking skills they implement in their professional and academic careers. Apart from this, they also gain practical management experience.

Career Opportunities

The university is known to offer excellent career options to the students that perfectly align with the individual’s needs; in addition, the courses have been designed in a way that develops analytical skills and critical thinking skills and thus empowers them with the required skills that they utilise to make an informed decision at the work environment. The courses have been designed in such a way that brings in transformations in an individual’s career. Apart from this, the students also get one-to-one assistance throughout the program. Also, their career development team is committed to three standards that involve

  • Assisting individuals in identifying their career goals
  • Providing them with a proper plan for job search
  • Guiding them in crafting curriculum vitae and also preparing them for interview

Apart from this, the career development team also ensures that the individuals possess the required skills to acquire the job they are interested in. Also, they prepare them with the required skills so that they remain confident at the interview round. And all these empower them to crack the job on the first attempt. In addition, the university has a strong network with well-known multinational companies; this is one of the biggest advantages for students, and it opens up doors for them to work with big MNCs.

5. Durham University Business

Durham University Business School was founded in 1965 and held triple accreditation from AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS. The university offers a wide range of courses in various academic disciplines. The designed PG courses will allow the students to extend their knowledge and skills in the area they are interested in. The courses they offer allow them to enhance their careers by diverting their career in the right direction.

Courses offered by them

The university provides a wide range of programs that involve accounting and finance, business and marketing and economics. They also offer students various facilities, including a library, computer labs, study spaces, etc. Apart from this, the university ranked 78th in the QS world ranking and is enlisted among the top 100 universities. Students pursuing business and management programs pursue careers in finance, consulting, marketing and entrepreneurship. Besides the academic opportunities, the university also provides a diverse range of opportunities other than those in the academic areas. The research program that the university has designed allows the students to explore their subject in-depth and thus gain extraordinary knowledge.

Career Opportunities

The university is committed to providing the best guidance to the students that can transform their lives. The university assists the students so that they can achieve their targeted goals. Apart from this, the university also promotes equality and diversity in the workspace. Along with this, they have also introduced inclusivity in the work culture. To ensure that everyone is treated equally on the campus and also so that they feel they are in safe hands. They believe that whatever the area of interest is, they ensure that the students will be placed in reputed companies. Apart from this, they have also designed a Career Development Program, which empowers the students with skills and knowledge that enable them to thrive in today’s competitive business world.

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