How to Prepare for the MBA Interview

How to Prepare for the MBA Interview

An interview is considered the most important and requisite round for shortlisting applicants for admission to MBA courses in reputed Business Schools. The applicant selected for admission must go through and clear the group discussion round and the interview round. After these two rounds, the admission committee members finally decide who is willing to be admitted to the school. After the interview round is over, the admission committee members start inspecting everything about the student, whether it is about the body language of the student or the communication skills, which makes them understand what kind of personality the student has. A student learns about new traits and things while facing an interview, which is equally important to excel in this world of competition. This is so as communicating in an interview is based on a two-way approach. The interviewers or the members of the panellists first make sure that the student or the applicant feels comfortable while interviewing so that they can answer well and maintain and manage many things at a time. Primarily, the interview is viewed as a research round where the panellists research the student by asking them to reflect upon their skills, abilities, knowledge and experiences as well as their strengths and weaknesses to assure the committee members that the particular student can be valuable to the institution or Business School.

The other two things considered important during an interview’s preparation time are mainly the visibility and the reputation of the institution where the student will be interviewed. For example, if a student has received a call for an interview round from a reputed Business School, they do not have to start enjoying the moment as they have yet to crack the interview. They have to think and start preparing for the interview as the interview will be very hard and intense concerning competitiveness. To clear the interview round, the student must be careful and attentive while preparing. The other candidates preparing for the same would also be knowledgeable and talented, which will ultimately bring high competition. One of the most important things to remember is the originality of the speech and the personality. The student must be confident while speaking and believes in speaking in their normal tone and not using the traditional style of speaking as this loses confidence during the interview.

Every institution or Business School has a different way of conducting interviews. It takes around 25 to 30 minutes to interview an applicant, which is the final round of the selection process, after which the final result is out. The interview round has a weightage of around 40-50% in the overall selection process, so the applicant must do better in their interviews. Before reaching the interview round, the student has to clear the written test and the group discussion round. After clearing these two rounds, only the applicant can be called for an interview, having 3-5 panellists in the admission committee who are mainly called for interview applicants depending on the ability, knowledge and expertise of the student. The panellists do not have any intention to scare or intimidate any candidate. The interview round is of much importance as it aids the members of the admission committee to recognise what exactly is the candidate`s intellect made of.

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Several points to keep in mind while preparing for an interview are discussed below.


In conclusion, an interview is considered a crucial time to assess if the particular applicant is a perfect fit for the course or not. Once the student decides to appear for the interview, they should also allow themselves to be amused by the chances that bring his candidature to life. The student should capture the interest of the interviewer and make them believe in you, and the most enthralling way to get the attention of the interviewers is to let oneself shine authentically.

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