How to make an essay longer?

How to make an essay longer
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An essay`s length is a vital aspect of any college work. Following the size specifications in a given question tells the Professor that you read and succeeded in meeting the criteria. It demonstrates that you put considerable thought and work into the writing procedure. You always want to stay within the minimal page or word count for the final work, so ensuring the essay is packed with useful information is important. Adding fluff to the work is a terrific technique to give it additional depth and charm. Including fluff in the essay makes it more intriguing, detailed, and compelling. It is defined as adding excessive phrases and words and useless information in the essay to enhance the length of the essay meanwhile adding a few values to it. To add fluff to the paragraph, use nouns instead of descriptive words and adverbs instead of verbs. Adding descriptive words helps the reader understand what you are trying to express in the paragraph. Furthermore, quotes, add examples as well as figurative language such as – metaphors, allusions and similes are used as fluffing.

Shortening the essay’s length without adding words or articles or citing research studies supporting your topic. This will certainly strengthen your point, thus, boosting the word count without adding more. Longer paragraphs can also be broken up into smaller ones by combining smaller sentences by making use of conjunctions such as “but” and “and” or by using prepositions such as “furthermore” and “in addition to”. Some of the tricks to lengthen your essay are discussed below –

Adding more and more relevant details – Detailing is one of the effective ways to add length to your essay. Adding details aids in providing the reader with more information about the topic. While composing, think of extra relevant information which can be helpful for the reader.

  1. Using descriptive phrases – It is considered another tool to lengthen your essay. This allows words to present a vivid image in the reader’s mind. To deepen your essay, use adjectives and different parts of speech to express an object, individual, place or circumstance in detail.
  2. Writing in a flowery manner – Flowery language can be used with descriptive language to make your writing more lengthy and entertaining. It employs literary and lyrical tropes like metaphors, allusions and similes. These phrases frequently conjure up vivid images in the minds of the readers. When used correctly, it may produce stunning images while emphasising crucial themes making your essay look unique. Also, avoid using plain words to make your essay more flowery. Instead, consider utilising metaphors or similes to explain certain sentences more intriguingly.
  3. Adding clarifications – It helps improve the essay’s clarity while making readers grasp the main points effortlessly discussed. While asserting the main points, it is important to briefly explain the point so that the reader finds it easy to understand. Although adding more clarification looks fluffy, it will help make the essay easier for the reader to read and comprehend.
  4. Including examples – Explaining through examples is the best way to understand the topic, adds fluff, and engages the readers in further reading the topic. Examples of personal observations and historical information can be utilised while composing essays. Besides lengthening the essay, including examples also gives context for arguing different points, which makes the readers completely understand what the essay is discussing.
  5. Adding various perspectives – To make the topic more intriguing and lengthy, different perspectives on the same topic can also be added, whether it is your perspective or of any expert.
  6. Using emphasis words – Using words such as totally, actually and very. It also helps in making the essay lengthy. These words help in emphasising particular points that need to be noticed. It can also assist by highlighting the reader`s attention.
  7. Choosing phrases over words – To make your essay look longer and longer, use phrases rather than single words. This is so because phrases help make the essay descriptive in a better way while conveying the topic’s message. This also aids in expanding the knowledge and understanding of the readers on a certain topic while enhancing the content of the essay.
  8. Adding counterarguments – Adding counterarguments to the essay is another interesting and thoughtful way of lengthening an essay. Counterarguments contradict the main points that are discussed in the essay. While composing, try demonstrating a deeper and better understanding of the topic by inscribing contradictions. Using contradictions shows the audience that you have a great knowledge of both parts of the topic.
  9. Using more transition phrases as well as words – Making use of transition phrases and words makes the essay look flexible and also helps the readers to have a better understanding of the thoughts and how they are related to each other. Strategically using transition words helps in filling out your essay and, thus, making it look lengthier. Some transition words include – Additionally, Furthermore, However, In conclusion, In addition.
  10. Avoiding abbreviations and contractions – Avoid using abbreviations and contractions as it also helps increase the content of the essay and enhance the length of the essay, and writing the abbreviations in full aids in fluffing the essay. For example, instead of don`t, we can use do not; instead of won`t, we can use will not; instead of UK, we can use the United Kingdom. This is considered an effective way to increase the length of the essay.
  11. Utilising quotes for arguments back up – Adding quotes to the essay makes it look lengthier and more intriguing. Quotes from experts with vast knowledge of the specified subject matter make the essay more interesting and longer. These also help fully support the arguments discussed while making them more satisfying. These also help in injecting lifeless personality into paragraphs.
  12. Using reverse outlining – Utilising the process of reverse outlining helps in reorganising the pages in the same manner that gives more understanding to your reader and also aids in pointing out the areas that are needed to be developed or worked upon. Reading back through the paper and creating an outline, depending on what you have written in your essay, will help. By reverse outlining, it will be clear if some paragraphs are needed to be clarified to make the essay longer. Also, breaking large paragraphs into multiple small paragraphs can aid in making the essay longer and explaining the ideas in-depth.


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