How to Get a Top MBA in the UK

How to Get a Top MBA in the UK

Significance of an MBA programme

MBA programme is important to many business leaders. MBA graduates develop chances of getting employed in high paid jobs. In this regard, an MBA program is important as it enables candidates to acquire and develop new business skills (Marino et al. 2019). This is important for those who mainly come from a non-conventional background as they have to learn a lot about skills that MBA is equipped with.

With the advent of globalisation, the business is also changing. More or less, all businesses have internal suppliers or customers, including international employees. In this regard, it is necessary to build cross-cultural skills and to develop this, pursuing a course on MBA is important (Marino et al. 2019). MBA helps in transforming a candidate into a successful leader. In the age of digitisation and uncertainty, a need arises for responsible leaders, mainly to encounter the challenges of a technologically driven world. MBA trains employees in both related to hard and soft skills. For instance, the Imperial Business School in London provides training on personal leadership skills under their Full Time MBA programme, Weekend MBA and Global Online MBA. In addition, to MBA opens the door that offers a wide variety of career opportunities. It can be said that MBA is a valuable asset that aids in personal development and career advancements.

Requirements for pursuing an MBA programme in the UK

Deciding to study MBA is regarded as the greatest commitment, so students need to be aware of the criteria needed before the initiation of the application process (Marino et al. 2019). UK business schools may put forward different entry requirements; however, in general, all applicants need to clear GMAT and IELTS and have a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent, a statement of purpose, financial evidence, a passport copy and a resume or CV.

  • The GMAT exam

Graduate Management Admission Test, or the GMAT exam, must be cleared by the students who want to pursue an MBA degree. The GMAT test consists of argumentative analysis, analytical writing, reasoning, quantitative aptitude, and critical and verbal reasoning. This exam is unique because if a student answer all the questions, the complex questions are worth more points, while the easier questions quill be met with incorrect answers (Rasool et al., 2020). Students must study for 6 months to prepare for the GMAT examination. They need to have equal command over both English and Mathematics. Watching the GMAT mock tests, websites, and newspapers is important to keep themselves updated about current affairs.

  • IELTS Exam

In addition, students also need to pass the IELTS exam, where the score shall vary from 6.0-6.5. Students must take the IELTS academic test to pursue the post-graduate programme. The score in IELTS is deemed necessary as it helps in denoting the level of proficiency in English of the students. UK business schools that consider the score of IELTS are Imperial College Business School, Kings College London, University of Southampton, University of Bristol, University of Nottingham and the like.

At the University of London, the requirement for the English language for entry entails a minimum score of 7.0. On the contrary, the University of Oxford, one of the most prestigious universities, demands an IELTS score requirement of 7.5. Similarly, the University of Cambridge, and the University of Warwick, also demand the same.

The acceptance rate of MBAs by UK business schools is highly competitive. It is higher than the acceptance rate in the USA. The main reason for the increased competition among UK business schools is due to the one-year MBA programme that it provides. Before opting for an MBA course in the UK, the candidates shall accumulate all documents while assessing the business school requirements to which he is applying (Rasool et al. 2020). The employee has to be sure that he is applying to one of the top business schools that meet the eligibility requirements for the course. Besides this, it is also necessary to maintain a proper and strong academic profile that will help captivate the admission committee’s attention. Students pursuing their bachelor’s degree should target a GPA of 3.5 or more. In addition, a minimum work experience of 3 years is preferred; however, most universities prefer a work experience of 5 years. Students with a non-business background shall have three years of work experience in managerial roles in similar fields. A score of 650 to 700 draws the attention of the admission committee to which the candidate has applied. Professional and academic letters of recommendation shall be submitted, which will help in giving a better insight into the applied field (Rasool et al. 2020). An essay detailing the need to apply for the program and the necessity of selecting the specific business school, stating the career goals and interest is also necessary. Although the rate of acceptance in the UK business schools is competitive, it is less competitive compared to the business schools in the USA. Due to the large number of applications, many highly qualified students have been rejected in the first selection round. The intense level of competition in the universities compels them to follow a narrow-down selection approach. Thus the candidates must make a stronger and more appealing profile that will be regarded enough for admission to business schools.

Reasons to Pursue MBA in the UK

Students shall pursue MBA in the UK due to the wide variety of benefits offered by the business school.

  • All the business schools in the UK offers internationally recognised qualifications. As inspected by the Quality Assurance Agency, all UK business Schools maintain their educational quality.
  • The education imparted by UK business schools helps in the development of core skills that are required to flourish in the business world. The development of essential skills is applicable in various management areas, such as project management, human resources, finance, logistics, and international logistics. In other words, adopting knowledge and skills over the years will help students excel in their careers. The skills comprise communication, analytical skills, public speaking and writing.
  • UK offers the best universities for an MBA, such as London Business Schools, the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge. In addition, these business schools offer networking, thereby creating a strong impact on the student’s career. It offers a strong alum connection that gives career advice to MBA students.

Jobs offered after completion of MBA degree

Students, after completion of their MBA degree, can work in various fields such as human resources, banking, marketing, and business development. Students in private, public or voluntary sectors such as healthcare, tourism, retail and food can acquire these positions. Other than this, more specialised fields, such as stockbrokers, business consultants, risk managers, financial advisors, and investment analysts, can be chosen after the course. In business, some of the highest-paid jobs are marketing, where the average annual salary is $49850; logistics, whose salary is $617000; and investment and securities, where the salary is $67,570. On the contrary, project management and economy offer the highest annual average salary, which is $81670 and $97,600.

Application Process

The UK offers s centralised application process known as the Universities and College Admission Services, with the help of which students submit their application to the admission committees. International students use the same portal to apply for the MBA programme (Hossain et al. 2021). Besides this, it is also essential to check the university’s official website where the students want to take admission. Some universities require students to apply directly to the website. The procedure comprises filling in the application form, creating an account on the university’s website and submitting all the necessary documents. Hence if the student is applying through the UCAS website, it is necessary to fill out the application as per the requirements.

Duration of the degree

The duration of the degree relies upon the level of study that is being undertaken. It is also based on the subject and the school that is chosen to study. A bachelor’s degree in business takes three to four years (Hossain et al., 2021). On the contrary, the master’s degree program is of shorter duration as it takes only one or two years to complete.


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1. What is the significance of the MBA program?

Ans: An MBA program increases the marketability of a renowned professional and exacerbates the quantity and quality of job opportunities. In other words, it also helps in the creation of business leadership skills and the creation of a professional network.

2. What does an MBA program teach?

Ans: An MBA programme teaches the business fundamentals such as critical thinking, leadership and communication. In other words, it helps build a core curriculum that concerns ethics, financing, marketing, accounting and macro and microeconomics.

3. Name the business schools in the UK that impart the best MBA courses.

Ans: Imperial College Business School, Kings College London, University of Southampton, University of Bristol, and University of Nottingham.

4. What jobs are offered after the completion of an MBA degree?

Ans: After completing an MBA degree, candidates can work as a human resource manager, finance manager, marketing manager, information technology manager and the like in various sectors such as supply chain management, healthcare management, international management, consulting and finance.

5. Why business schools in the UK are regarded as the best for pursuing an MBA degree?

Ans: Business schools in the UK help develop core skills, such as interpersonal skills, which help the students prosper in their future endeavours. Besides this, strong networking skills are also offered by the institutions from which the students are benefitted by getting advice related to their careers. Business schools offer globally recognised qualifications, which help candidates get employed anywhere across the world.

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