Digital Transformation in Management: Harnessing Technology for Success

Digital Transformation in Management

What do you mean by digital transformation in management?

Digital transformation refers to using digital technologies to create and modify the existing business processes, customer experiences and culture, and this is done to meet the market demands and the changing business environments. This transformation of business is known as digital transformation. It goes beyond conventional roles such as sales, customer service and marketing. Digital transformation is imperative for all businesses (Crișan and Marincean, 2023). In other words, digital transformation is regarded as a cultural change that demands the organisation to change persistently and get comfortable with the opportunities and challenges.

Importance of digital transformation

To remain competitive in the changing technological landscape, digital transformation has become essential for all businesses. In the present years, a rapid transformation has been noticed in the business world as all the companies are adapting to emerging technologies to streamline their operations and develop their triple bottom line (Appio et al. 2021). Those organisations will be the winner, capable of implementing technologies in their operations while restoring the best traditions, considering that six reasons necessitate digital transformation in the business.

Ways to harness digital transformation in businesses

Digital transformation in any business starts by setting a clear goal. There are a wide variety of ways by which digital technology can help in revolutionising various areas of the business. It helps in streamlining the work of various departments. All the financial operations can be automated, ranging from contacts and expenses to invoicing, which helps save businesses money and time. The digital application can make the project management programme more efficient. This is done by monitoring the present and upcoming project management (Ates and Acur, 2022). In addition, when the organisation’s key processes are automated, early detection of errors is also possible.
Digital transformation helps in increasing efficiency. For instance, one of the simplest digital solutions, such as the spreadsheet, has enabled organisations to store finance, staff efficiency and sales data. It also helped to maximise the team’s efficiency by enabling the employees to work from remote locations. Cloud technology, inexpensive storage rates and app integrations have made distance working possible.
Digital transformation is way more than developing the speed of operations and making them more efficient. Technological innovations have allowed businesses to collect and analyse customer data while offering them valuable insights for targeting specific demographics, re-engaging the earlier users and advertising the products before those consumers who share a similar interest (Ates and Acur, 2022). Thus, marketing strategies have been improved dramatically with the adoption of digital technologies.
Digital transformation also helps in effective and improved business decision-making. Innovation and risk-taking are encouraged by leaders who adhere to the advantages of digital transformation. After reviewing the company’s performance, the leaders practise their autonomy to make decisions and learn from their mistakes, adapting to the digital transformation.
Digital transformation helps in identifying the key opportunities that are needed for growth. In other words, the main goal of the digital transformation is disruption. The power to innovate is given by the latest technology (Ates and Acur, 2022). Thus, if the business leaders plan, they can create a new business model to help target the untapped business markets while extending the customer base.

The other ways by which businesses can harness digital technology for creating a human enterprise are discussed below:

Organisations that embraced digital transformation

To exist in an industrial revolution era, organisations undergo digital transformations and harness innovative technologies for success. Below is the list of organisations that embraced digital transformations and prospered successfully:



1. What do you mean by digital transformation?

Ans: The strategy for integration of digital technology into the various region of the business is referred to as digital transformation is known as digital transformation. This transformation intends to create value by meeting the client experience and creating business processes and culture.

2. State the significance of digital transformation.

Ans: Digital transformation helps increment the proficiency of businesses via computerizing manual processes and further developing efficiency, accordingly lessening mistakes. For example, embracing a cloud-based technology empowers employees to gain admittance to information, which assists them with teaming up with others around the world.

3. What are the ways to harness digital transformation in business?

Ans: Digital transformation in business can be harnessed by determining the areas that need disruption. It is needed to determine the goal and ideology by which the digital transformation needs to be brought into the business. Furthermore, business leaders need to be adaptable to bring in digital transformation.

4. Name the app launched by Nike and state its importance in digital transformation.

Ans: Nike also launched an SNKRS app, which gives customers access to the recent launches and exclusive releases the company offers.

5. Name a few organisations that adhere to digital technology.

Ans: The organisations implementing digital technology are Unilever, IKEA, LEGO, Starbucks and Porsche.

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