Beauty and the Beast Characters

Beauty and the Beast Characters
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Beauty and the Beast is a tale written by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve. He was born and brought up in Paris in the year 1695. This tale was published in 1740 and was drawn directly from folklore and fairy tales. This tale was later shortened and reprinted by French author Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont, born in Rouen in 1711 and expired in 1780. This story is about a young king who was placed beneath a curse. And only pure love could break his enslavement. After numerous ups and downs, he discovered his feelings for Beauty, and she eventually reciprocated his love and affection. They marry, breaking the Prince`s enchantment, and live blissfully ever afterward. This story consists of some characters.

The character sketch of these characters is described below.

  • Belle is an intelligent, kind, loving, bright, spirited, and friendly young woman who fantasizes about romance, adventures, and a world beyond her village’s incarnation. She loves reading books and lives with a spirited imagination. As an independent woman, Belle despises the town`s pompous and obnoxious scoundrel Gaston, who chases her mercilessly. When her father was detained in a terrible beast`s home, Belle exchanged her liberty to obtain her father`s freedom. However, the ill-mannered and grumpy Beast can be kind and gallant, and he understands he can make her smile and giggle, and Belle also quickly senses the Prince`s gentle heart within.


  • Beast was a young noble prince who was jinxed by his previous mistakes. He was very short-tempered, cruel, and self-absorbed, which made him susceptible to getting angry frequently. He takes out his anger by making other people suffer for the deeds done by him. He is imprisoned in his fort until he learns to adore others and reciprocate their affection.


  • Gaston is an arrogant, egoistical person who only loves himself. Being strong and cruel, he is considered a hero and a hunter in the town. He is a cruel human who feels happy while manipulating people and using them. As he is infatuated with Belle, he is filled with jealousy and rejection and manipulates the villagers to rescue Belle from the Beast.


  • Maurice was the father of Belle. He was an older man with gentle and kind bumbling nature. He was identical to his daughter as he was also a dreamer and a loner. He loves his daughter beyond everything in the whole world. Maurice also is an artist who specializes in music boxes of a kind.


  • Lumiere was a proper French male servant of the Prince who was turned into an embellished candelabra because of the curse. He was loyal to the Prince and a good friend of Cogsworth. He wanted to be a human again because he was lovable, hospitable, and welcoming. He was a sophisticated and charming person who could make a normal meal into a musical feast.


  • Cogsworth was a head butler in the Prince`s fort. The enchantress cursed him and, thus, turned into a clock. When he lacks power, he becomes haughty and attempts to be severe. He is a control fanatic who prefers everything to be in order. Out of dread, he attempts to fulfill the Beast`s direction and imagines himself as the knowledgeable leader of the household.


  • Mrs. Potts was the former caretaker of the castle. Because of the curse, she was transformed into a teapot. She was a motherly woman who was also kind in nature. She was always watching out for people around her, mostly her son.


  • Chip was Mrs. Potts’s son, a very innocent, young, and sprightly child. He was also turned into a teacup. He believes in pure love, as only pure love can cure everything.


  • Mme de la Grande Bouche was transformed into a wardrobe after being enchanted by the curse. She was an opera singer and was trying to get hold of that. She has a blaze for fair and disposition of frequent rests.


  • Plumette is a former young maid who was transformed into a graceful and cheeky feather duster and is not very smart and lives in Lumiere`s heart.


  • Enchantress was a tired and unhappy female beggar who was seeking shelter from a tempest as she was turned down by the Prince cruelly. Due to this harsh behavior of the Prince, she cursed the Prince and the inhabitants of the castle, which transformed them.

Beauty and the Beast are explained briefly:

A Prince living in France who was very selfish and spoiled resides in his fort, celebrating and throwing parties, including all the members residing there. Once, a beggar woman reached out to the Prince asking for shelter to save herself from cold in exchange for a rose. The Prince and his royal members laughed and sneered at her, turning her away from the castle. As the old beggar woman was turned away, she made herself disappear and revealed again as a beautiful sorceress and cursed them all. The Prince, after seeing this, tried asking the enchantress for forgiveness. But, as she had already seen that there was no love in the heart of the Prince, she cursed them all and transformed the Prince into a beast and the other royal members of the castle into household things. Because of the curse the sorceress gave, the people outside the realm failed to think and remember the Prince and the members living in the castle. The Prince turned into a beast and was left with a rose and a magical mirror which he used as a window to his outside world. The sorceress even warned the Prince he would always be doomed to endure as a beast if he could not earn love from someone before the falling of the last petal of the rose. After some years, a girl named Belle was in the Villeneuve village. The village people find her a bit odd as her interests are in storybooks.

Gaston, a narcissistic yet handsome war captain, chases Belle along with his companion LeFou and succeeds in finding Belle. Gaston then tries to attract Belle and invites her for dinner. But Belle rejected his offer, turning him down. Belle goes to her house and tells her father, Maurice, who makes music boxes, about the villager’s thoughts of believing her to be odd. After selling music boxes, she asks her father to bring a rose while returning from another town. When Maurice is riding with Philippe, his horse, through the forest, he moves to a snow-covered path. As he enters the path, he is encountered a pack of wolves compelling Maurice and his horse to flee from there. Eventually, they elapsed by the castle gate, which landed him in trouble. As he entered the castle, he was spotted by Cogsworth and Lumiere. After entering the castle, he goes to the dining room and takes a seat, where he gets frightened by Chip, who was transformed into a teacup by the sorceress. As Chip tried talking to Maurice, he got frightened and ran out of the castle. While moving out of the castle, he spotted a garden having roses. So, he went there to pick one rose for her daughter, Belle. At this moment, the Prince turns Beast, spots him plucking rose and calls him a thief, and makes him a prisoner. Being alone, Belle tries to teach a little girl to read, and she is discouraged by a man for teaching her. Gaston again finds Belle and tries pursuing her, but she rejects him by saying that she will not marry him and then conveys her wish to look for excitement and adventure elsewhere. She then saw Philippe returning alone and had the idea of the mishappening for her father.

Belle and Philippe ride to the Prince`s castle, where she finds her father in prison. His father asked her to return, but she did not agree and went back to meet the Beast. She was astonished by his image. Afterward, the Beast declares Maurice, a thief and orders him to serve as a prisoner in his dungeon for life. After hearing the judgment of the Beast, Belle requests him to replace herself with her father. The Beast accepts Belle`s request and frees Maurice. Belle promises her father that she will find a way to escape prison. As her father was out of the castle, she met Cogsworth and Lumiere, who was considered the head of the fort before the sorceress` curse transformed them. After meeting them, she moves forward to meet Mrs. Potts, her son, and Chip, transformed into a teapot and a teacup; Madame de Garderobe and her husband turning into a wardrobe and a piano and Plumette, girlfriend of Lumiere, transformed into a feather duster. Lumiere helps guide Belle towards the East wing room, and Garderobe assists her in dressing in a washed-out frock. At that moment, she thought of climbing the tower using the ribbons. Gaston, with his companion, LeFou, was lamenting in a public house because Belle rejected him. While others from the village, along with LeFou, tried cheering him up.

As Maurice entered the public house and started babbling about the Prince turned Beast and how Belle was under his prison. Other villagers make fun of his affirmation, but Gaston asks them to hear Maurice discover where the Beast is, concentrating on marrying Belle. Beast repeatedly asks Belle to have dinner with him by knocking on her bedroom door. All the other castle members tried helping him by standing behind him, but Belle rejected his offer as well, as she was busy making rope by tying the ribbons. As the Beast saw that another petal of the rose fell, he burst out in anger at other members, and the castle started shaking and crumbling. It also made the objects of the castle less human. After this, Belle leaves her room and joins them for dinner. They help her in guiding the way to the dining room. Lumiere makes dazzling music about fine dining. After having dinner, Belle went to the West Wing while wandering, where she found the encased rose, which was put in a jar. All the other members of the castle tried to keep this secret from Belle. But, when she learned about this, the Beast tried frightening her, yelled at her, and asked her to leave. Belle, along with Philippe, ran away from the castle grounds. As she passed through the forest, the pack of wolves attacked her. Belle was fighting with them until the Beast showed up and rescued Belle. One of the wolf bit into Beast`s back. The beast roars and throws the wolf.

Belle helps the Beast by taking him back to the castle, treating his wound, and making him rest. Afterward, Mrs. Potts explained that the Beast was never so unkind to people. His father brought him up after his mother`s demise. He became this much unkind after the curse. Asking about the encased rose, Belle finds that if the Prince finds someone to love and gets back love in return till the rose’s last petal falls, he will become Prince again, and the spill of the curse will be broken. While Maurice, along with Gaston and his companion, moved to the forest to find the way that leads to the castle. Maurice knew the reason why Gaston was helping him in finding his daughter. He made clear that he would not allow her daughter to marry him. After hearing this, Gaston showed his true colors and tied Maurice to a tree so the wolves could attack him. LeFou didn`t have a choice but to follow Gaston. As the Prince saw that Belle had got interested in books, he made her see his library. And, he says the library can be hers. Belle warms him up as the Beast shows his gentler and kinder side. Belle again makes him feel his kind side, and they like each other’s company. Later, the Beast showed Belle a magical book that would allow the person reading it to go anywhere they wanted to move if they visualized it.

Belle placed her hand in the book’s pages, and soon they moved to an old home in Paris, which was Belle`s house when she was a kid living with her father and mother. Beast found a mask which made him understand that Belle`s mother died of the plague. A flashback appeared before them, showing her mother dying and asking Maurice to protect their daughter, and everything behind the glass rose. Later Belle finds it. Maurice was saved by a female beggar who helped him. When Maurice returned to his village and had a seat in the village’s public house, where Gaston and his companion found him, he was surprised. Maurice explained to the villagers what Gaston did to him. Maurice asks LeFou to be the witness, but Gaston intimidates him to cover his deeds and tells the villagers that Maurice is crazy. In the castle, the Prince invites Belle to dance with him.

Belle was dressed in a pretty gown by Garderobe, and Lumiere and other members groomed the Beast. They both met and walked together to the ballroom with a tune accompanying them, and they shared a romantic moment. After this, the Beast asks Belle if she is happy there, and she replies by asking how someone can be happy being not free. Beast understands that she is missing her father and gives the magic mirror to Belle so that she can see her father. Belle finds that the villagers are harassing her father, who is facing trouble. After seeing this, the Beast allows Belle to go to her father and help him. As Belle leaves, the Beast feels sad and climbs on his tower as he understands he is truly in love with Belle. The other castle members also felt sad as they understood Belle didn’t love him back, breaking the curse. In the meantime, Gaston again gave a chance to Maurice to save himself by making him marry his daughter. And, again, Maurice rejected his offer. Belle arrives at the moment and shows the villagers what Gaston had done to her father in the mirror, which horrifies everyone.

As Gaston`s true colors are revealed, he asks the villagers to chase the Prince; otherwise, he will harm them. Gaston locks Belle and her father in the carriage and asks the villagers to attack the castle. As the castle objects saw the villagers approaching them, they tried closing the door, but the villagers broke it. Cogsworth, the clock, tried informing the Beast, but he was so sad that he didn’t care what was happening. Then Lumiere, along with all the castle objects, made a plan. While entering the castle, LeFou assumes Mrs. Potts is his grandmother. As she was in anger, she started fighting. Lumiere lit the floor, and Mrs. Potts poured hot tea on the villagers. Cadenza was shooting with his piano keys, Cogsworth sent flying books so the villagers could be hit, and Garderobe dressed goons in powdered rugs, gowns, and makeup. Seeing all this, some villagers ran away while one was happy seeing the goon. While attacking, Cadenza leans upon LeFou, who approaches Gaston for assistance. Gaston refused as he was going to the Beast to kill him. At that moment, LeFou saves Mrs. Potts. While some saw Agathe, the female beggar going upstairs, and the villagers ran away frightened. Meanwhile, Belle tells her father about the glass rose and the truth about her mother. Maurice explained to her that he wanted to protect her. She took a pin and gave it to her father so that he could unlock the carriage and Belle could go to the castle. As Gaston moves up on the tower, he finds the Beast sitting in despair. Gaston says Belle sent him to kill the

Beast, shoots him in the back, and makes him fall on the lower roof. Gaston goes after him on the lower roof and asks the Beast to fight back. In the nick of time, Belle returns to the castle, and the Beast sees her, which gives him the strength to fight back and defend himself from Gaston`s attack, and he declares himself not to be a beast anymore. He held Gaston over a wall but spared his life, asking him to go away. After this, the Prince moves to the other tower to be with Belle, and Gaston again shoots him in his back. For Gaston, karma played a game with him, and the bridge started crumbling, and he fell to his deathbed. The Prince was wounded. The last petal of the encased rose fell. But the objects still celebrated their victory. As the last petal of the rose fell, all the objects remained as objects. At that moment, Belle cries to the Beast and expresses that she loves him. Meanwhile, Agathe entered the room as Belle expressed her love towards the Beast, breaking the spell. The Beast has again transformed into a human being, and they kiss each other for the first time. Everything started becoming normal in the castle, and thus, the darkness started disappearing from the kingdom. All the objects became human again and reunited with their loved ones. They celebrated with all the members of the castle along with the villagers in the ballroom. Maurice and LeFou also joined them. Belle and the Prince danced to the music and lived a happy life ever after.

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