5 Apps that Help Organise Daily Life

5 Apps that Help Organise Daily Life

As the world is getting more advanced with each passing day, so many tools and techniques help organise our daily life. These life-changing tools can be helpful to us in numerous ways. It aids me by making me feel less stressed by determining the things to give more priority to. When an individual has a lot of work to do, it takes almost half an hour or an hour to think and get prepared with what to start first. But using these tools and techniques helps make me feel more confident and less stressed. These tools can help in making the daily lives of individuals easier. Utilising these great and simple apps shows a lot of productivity for the newer generation so that they organise their everyday life. Several useful apps that help in organising the daily life of individuals are discussed below –

1. Todoist – It is a famous app that helps list the to-do things and the good cause. This app mainly operates on every platform crossing over 30 million users, offering an intuitive and bright interface. It also involves advanced characteristics for the individuals who find it important. This app helps individuals to organise their life and work. Several fundamental features of this app are –

  • Quick add – Tasks can be added to the to-do list by the individuals in a few seconds by utilising the recurring dates and natural language recognition of Todoist.
  • Sections and subtasks – The workload of the individuals can be simplified by connecting their Todoist app with their files, calendars and emails. Comments and subtasks can also be added to the tasks mentioned for richer context.
  • Recurring due dates – Recurring due dates for any task can also be set by the app users, which will help them remember the delivery date and build habits.
  • Custom Filter views – This app also allows users to automatically filter their to-do lists into the upcoming or today’s work. This helps the users in figuring out the most important task to do first.

As this app is gaining popularity among small teams and individuals, it gives greater insights and is also easier to work with. The free version of this app also provides its users with enough characteristics like due date, prioritisation and getting together to start any task. Yet, there are certain limitations of the app as well. This includes the inability to develop subtasks for the already existing tasks and the inability to track time in the app.

2. Google Calendar is one of Google’s most significant scheduling and time management techniques. This app allows users to organise their everyday activities and tasks, make appointments, and more. The time-management technique provided by this app helps simplify the busy schedule of its users. Individuals can also plan Google Hangout calls only by clicking a button while arranging an isolated meeting. It also allows users to integrate a secondary time zone to keep up with the tasks and share invitations to attendees to join any program just by sending a meeting reminder to them. Zoom invitation links can also be shared using the Google Calendar and can get access on mobile phones as well. This app also helps develop calendars for several particular needs and can be upgraded with add-ons. Several advantages of Google calender are discussed below –

  • This app can be helpful for teachers and also for academic studies. This is so because it helps in sharing scheduled programs and events with students who have their accounts on Google. Also, the students of higher classes have a lot of work to do, so they can use Google Calendar to schedule their assignments, classes, exams, dates, parties, shopping and other things they need to manage.
  • Household chores – Doing all the household work is crucial in everyday life. And, for organising the daily activities of a household effectively, Google Calendar plays an essential role. It can help organise the work by dividing the work between other house members.
  • Celebrations and holidays – This app can also remember dates, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, promenades and burials. It can help in keeping up with the commemorative and celebratory events.
  • Event Planning – It is also considered essential for managing the needs of a business while organising any event. This app helps provide you with the characteristics for arranging every event detail. It can help by getting things done timely.
  • Many industries use this app for carrying out their everyday activities. It has features like quest invitations, cross-app integration, calendar sharing, viewing permissions, calendar printing, mobile compatibility, etc.

3. Trello – It is a simple and famous collaboration tool that is easier to use and helps its users by enabling them to arrange and organise their work and everything associated with it. This app can help users in finding out every type of information like
What work is being done?
Who is doing that work?
What is the progress of the work?

Several characteristics of Trello are discussed below-

  • This app utilises cards, lists and boards for project management.
  • Checklists are made within the cards to define subtasks.
  • All the members are allocated the tasks and notified if there are any modifications.
  • Deadlines of the tasks are also included.
  • This app has an activity log that helps keep the team members updated.
  • Attachment inclusion in the app helps in organising the resources efficiently.
  • Butler, built-in automation in the app helps reduce the hectic work by tackling the automation power.

4. Any. do – This app helps manage the tasks and list the tasks to do, enabling the user to stay organised. It allows the users to set reminders, organise them into different categories, create tasks, and connect with apps such as Google Drive and Gmail to provide flawless productivity. It also helps in tracking the progress of the work, managing the programs, sharing items and attaching files with other team members. Creating lists and projects, setting priorities using colour tags, and customising can also be done in the user’s style in a few seconds. Several features of this app are –

  • Reminder system / Calendar system
  • Notifications / Alerts
  • Calendar management
  • Icons / Color codes
  • Address Book
  • Calendar sync
  • Collaboration tools
  • Permissions / Access controls
  • Task Progress Tracking
  • Scheduling
  • Task updating
  • Recurring tasks
  • Productivity tools
  • Prioritisation
  • Real-time notifications
  • Event management
  • To-do list

5.Evernote – It is an app which helps in taking down notes and permits the user to organise and represent ideas, reminders, and to-do lists. Users can also create and develop notes, set reminders, attach files and sync various devices for easy access. Several features of Evernote are as follows –

  • Web clipping
  • Calendar
  • Search Function
  • Annotation
  • Audio notes
  • Tasks
  • Document scanning
  • Collaboration and sharing
  • Templates
  • Desktop and mobile app
  • Integrations

Several advantages of using this app are –

  • Users can easily access the notes anytime and from anywhere, making this app a great tool for always travelling users. It also automatically saves all the new or existing files and syncs them wherever the account is logged in.
  • Notes are organised in this app in a hierarchical order which helps the users easily recognise and categorise the content. This also comes in three forms, i.e., note, notebook and notebook stack. Keeping the notes within these three levels lets users find their content easily.
  • The search function of this app is a powerful technique which permits users to find the content easily and quickly. Notes can be searched with the help of its advanced search feature just by searching the keywords, dates, title or the type of content included in the note, like images or audio. Quotation marks can also be utilised to find particular phrases, which helps make it easier to find the exact thing.
  • Collaborative capabilities permit the users to work flawlessly with others without ignoring the app. This app helps share notebooks and notes with their colleagues, family members or friends, permitting them to work together on several projects, share their ideas and plans, and work in real-time. Also, this app provides a work chat function which permits the user to interact and communicate with other individuals directly from the app. This feature aids the user by making it easier to ask any query, receive and collaborate easily with the team members and give and receive feedback. This app helps work with the team members in real time and easily forwards the projects.


In summary, several apps help us organise our daily lives, and these apps are incredibly efficient and beneficial tools. With the help of these tools, individuals like us can live in an organised way, track our tasks, prioritise our commitments and manage our schedules. These apps provide a variety of features which help serve their users’ various preferences and needs. These tools help save time, enhance productivity and reduce stress by offering handy notifications, intuitive interfaces and reminders. These incredible tools proved to be an essential part of human life as it aids everyone, whether the individual is a busy professional or a student struggling to manage their life. They bring our life into an ordered and structured manner by helping us to make our daily lives less stressful. Overall, depending on these apps help us in leading a more balanced and organised life. So, including these tools in our everyday life is a great decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is it necessary for an individual to use an app for organising their everyday life?

Ans. This is so because these apps can help individuals to stay focused, reduce stress and enhance productivity. It also helps enable individuals to manage their tasks, events, reminders, appointments and notifications efficiently and ensures that nothing is overlooked.

Q. Do these apps help in tracking goals and habit-building?

Ans. Yes, many of these apps provide several features designed especially for tracking goals and habit-building of an individual. These apps also allow individuals to set goals, receive reminders and track progress.

Q. Is there any free app available for organising our lives?

Ans. Yes, there are many apps available which offer users key features of the app. Evernote, Trello, Google Calendar, Google Keep, and Any are several options for organising apps. Do and so on. These apps are great for basic usage, but if an individual wants more of its features, they have to buy the paid version to unlock and utilise all of its functions and utilise them.

Q. Can these apps be utilised over multiple other devices?

Ans. Most of these apps provide cross-platform compatibility, allowing users access to calendars, tasks and various other information on different devices, including computers, tablets or smartphones. Users must ensure that the chosen app supports the preferred device and syncs all the features to update the device.

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