SWOT Analysis Assignment Help

SWOT Analysis Assignment Help

To analyze a business’s internal and external factors, SWOT analysis is considered one of the effective tools that any organization can utilize. SWOT Analysis stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. This analysis is generally utilized to examine the immune system of the business. This analysis also helps the organization prepare strategies accordingly so that the related project turns out to be successful and does not fall vulnerable to it. In the same way, we help our clients with our online assignment writing services as we provide high-quality assignment help for them.

SWOT examines and analyzes various internal and external related factors which may affect or influence the organization’s working business.


In the word, “S” stands for strengths, which implies the factors in which the organization performs well. So it can be said that it deals with the advantageous factors of the business or the project. These factors are considered to be the variables that differentiate a particular product or service of an organization from its rivals or competitors.

In the word, “W” stands for weaknesses. This implies the factors in which the organization needs improvement. These factors deal with the business’s internal lack, which indirectly can create a threat to the external environment.

In the word, “O” stands for opportunities, which implies various chances or openings the business can utilize for its benefits. So any organization needs to analyze or examine the recent positive market trends. So it can be said that these factors provide chances for something positive to happen, which can benefit the organization.

In the word, “T” stands for threats. These factors are said to be negative variables that can influence the business of the organization. They are the outside forces that can create a great problem in the working condition of the business. Some examples that can create more significant threats for the organization are- Shortage of employees, marketing requirements, competitive threats from its rivals, and a lot more.

So from the above discussion, it is clear that SWOT analysis categorizes different factors based on internal and external factors.

Internal Factors

The internal factors are considered to be the factors that deal within the organization. They comprise strengths and weaknesses. It is essential as it analyzes the strength and weak aspects of the organization and helps the organization strategize accordingly. The internal related factors are the internal policies of the business affecting its operation. They are generally related to finance, staff, macroeconomic factors, and many more that can influence the business.

External Factors

These are considered to be the factors related to the surrounding business environment. Opportunities and Threats are regarded as the external factors of the business. They generally deal with external macroeconomic factors. These can be different government policies, availability of different raw materials, change in statute, or other related expanding opportunities and threats.


SWOT Analysis can be beneficial for the organization in many ways

  • Strategy Building

Swot Analysis can provide knowledge to the organization about the immediate and upcoming risk factors. So the organization can strategize accordingly for the future. All the information and data related to weaknesses and threats help the organization mitigate the chances of loss by planning and strategizing any escape or alternative strategy. So it can be said that SWIT helps the organization in setting up the objectives for strategic planning.

  • Matching and Converting

SWOT Analysis helps the organization analyze the strengths and opportunities and match them accordingly to be converted into any desired achievements.

  • It helps the organization to identify the core competencies of the organization.


As we previously know, SWOT Analysis can be an effective tool for analyzing the different internal and external factors. At the same time, Swot analysis also has some definite limitations. With the help of the SWOT Analysis, the organization might see conditions as exceptionally straightforward. This may allow the organization to overlook or might ignore certain related key contact which may happen later. On top of it, categorizing the different aspects as strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats may be considered abstract as there is an incredible level of vulnerability in the market. As discussed earlier, SWOT Analysis puts more emphasis on the four perspectives. Yet, it does not talk about how an organization can generally distinguish these angles for itself.

The certain limitations which are not under the control of the management are

  • Price increase
  • Economic environment
  • Growing legislature
  • Raw materials

Certain internal limitations are

  • Lack of efficient and skilled workforce
  • Insufficient research and development facilities
  • Poor relations of the industry
  • Poor quality of products

When SWOT analysis is used

SWOT describes the different internal and external related factors on the functioning of the business, and SWOT can be used in various analyzing and examining various aspects. They are

  • SWOT can explore new solutions to the problem and explore new opportunities for the business or the industry.
  • It allows the management to strategize accordingly for the achievement of their desired goal.
  • It can be used to remove any obstacles or hindrances that might come in the way of achieving a specific goal.
  • It can be used to check if the planning is done effectively and appropriately so that it can be goal-oriented.

How SWOT Analysis is used

This method works systematically. It starts all from the environmental analysis of all related fields. Then it further analyzes the related opportunities and strategies that can be beneficial for the working condition of the business. These factors can enhance the process or operation of the project and save it from any challenging threats. However, sometimes SWOT analysis can be more complex in practical implication and confusing for the students. So for any SWOT Analysis assignment help, feel free to contact us. We will guide you more effectively and solve all your related queries.