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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some most common customers’ questions concerning our service:

Ans. We can help with any academic assignment, including essays, research papers, dissertations, reports, presentations, case studies, and more across all subjects and disciplines.

Ans. Yes, all our writers are native English speakers and language experts. They have strong command over English grammar, vocabulary, and punctuation.

Ans. You can place your order through our user-friendly order form. Provide assignment details, attach files, if any, select writer level, type delivery date, and make payment. Our support team will assign the most qualified writer for your work.

Ans. Our assignments go through stringent quality checks. You get a free plagiarism report to verify originality. If you are not satisfied, we provide unlimited revisions.

Ans. Yes, we follow strict confidentiality policies. Your data is secured, and no personal information is ever shared. The final work is your intellectual property.

Ans. Yes, you can view writer profiles on our website and select your preferred writer when placing the order if they are available. However, our default writer assignment ensures you get the most qualified writer.

Ans. We issue a full refund if we fail to deliver your order on time or if you are not satisfied after requesting multiple revisions. See the full refund policy on our website.

Ans. Yes, we have samples of academic works done by our writers across subjects on the website. You can also request samples from writers before hiring them.

Ans. Absolutely. We never reuse old samples or passages. Each assignment is written fresh, tailored to your requirements.

Ans. Yes, we have expert writers available to work on urgent orders and deliver within tight deadlines. However, slightly higher rates may apply.

Ans. We can accurately format references and citations in any style, including APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, Oxford, Vancouver, IEEE etc. Just specify the required style.

Ans. Yes, you can contact the writer at any time using our direct messaging system. It helps clarify anything and stay updated on progress.

Ans. With hundreds of writers on board, we cover over 20+ academic disciplines. Even on niche topics, we will connect you with PhD qualified experts.

Ans. Definitely, apart from your instructions, we ask for university guidelines upfront and meticulously ensure compliance.

Ans. Yes, we are a globally accessible assignment writing service catering to students from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, UAE and worldwide.

Ans. Delivery time depends on factors like word count, subject, writer availability, etc. Smaller tasks can be completed within a few hours, while large assignments can take up to 7 days or longer.

Ans. Yes, we keep running discounts, seasonal offers, and bundle deals. Subscribe to get updates on amazing deals and coupon codes.

Ans. No. We believe in transparency. The price quoted upfront is all you pay. There are no extras or surprise charges post-delivery.

Ans. Absolutely. You can log in to your account at any time to see real-time progress and estimated completion percentage and communicate with your writer.

Ans. Yes, every completed document is accompanied by a free plagiarism report generated using up-to-date software. Our writers ensure 100% original, non-plagiarized content.

Ans. No. Our work is written to match your writing style so it passes as your original work without raising any suspicions. We maintain complete confidentiality as well.

Ans. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy, we will keep revising the work until you are satisfied or refund your money.

Ans. We accept all major cards – Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, as well as PayPal. Our payment system is fully protected by encryption.

Ans. Yes, our pricing is designed for students and quite affordable. You can even use discounts and lower pricing by adjusting the writer level, pages, and deadline.

Ans. Our support works round the clock and responds within minutes. In a rare case, contact us via call, email, or chat, and we will resolve it immediately.

Ans. We run every completed assignment through up-to-date plagiarism checkers. Our writers are trained to provide 100% original and properly cited content. We guarantee zero plagiarism.

Ans. Absolutely! We have PhD qualified writers along with Masters and undergraduate degree holders. They have years of academic writing experience as well.

Ans. Yes. With a large writer pool, we cover over 20+ academic disciplines – from STEM fields like IT and engineering to humanities like English, arts, and more.

Ans. You can look at writer profiles on our website, which provide qualification details. You can also talk to the writer before hiring to ensure they are the right fit.

Ans. Our writers undergo rigorous training on academic writing standards, referencing styles, communication, quality assurance etc., before starting. They are also trained regularly.

Ans. Based on your instructions, we assign the same writer to all your orders so he/she becomes familiar with your requirements, ensuring consistent quality always.

Ans. We systematically manage assignments to ensure well-timed delivery through expert time management, constant coordination and SMS/Email reminders to writers.

Ans. Our pricing tool lets you lower rates through flexible writer-level selection, extended timelines, seasonal discounts and reward points. The longer the deadline, the better rates.

Ans. Yes. We have dedicated teams of writers in every field, including law, healthcare, IT, management etc., to ensure domain expertise.

Ans. You can use the direct messaging system to share files, resources, and instructions with your assigned writer even after order placement to convey any new requirements.

Ans. You can enter their preferred writer’s ID while placing the order. The system will confirm if they are available. If not, you can request their availability.

Ans. A 500-word essay can be delivered within 3-4 hours, depending on the writer availability. For urgent requirements, reach out to support for expedited delivery.

Ans. For any urgent updates, you can request the support team for your writer’s phone number. However, we recommend using our internal messaging system for quick, documented communication.

Ans. Absolutely. We offer unlimited revisions. Even if you need amendments post-submission, let us know, and we will revise the work for free until you are fully satisfied.

Ans. Creating an account is optional. You can order as a guest. However, with an account, you can track orders, select preferred writers, get updates, and access customer-only resources.

Ans. Not an issue! No matter when you place an order with us, you can request a revision, and we will work on it. We keep all orders for a minimum of 30 days.

Ans. Yes, we have experts for matters who can accurately format papers as per university guidelines and also embed tables, charts, images, diagrams, equations etc., as needed.

Ans. Check writer profiles on our website, read feedback, communicate directly for any clarification, request previous samples to determine the best-fit writer for your order.

Ans. For a specialized research project with extensive research and analysis, delivery can take 7-14 days on average, depending on length. We have Ph.D.-qualified experts who can work on it.

Ans. Following all requirements accurately is our policy. Writers are trained to adhere to the guidelines you provide, so there are no deviations unless you suggest changes.

Ans. Yes, our writers can create surveys, conduct interviews, collect data as needed and incorporate the findings in your assignment per the methodology specified.

Ans. You get a free plagiarism report to ascertain zero plagiarism. Plus, our writers create fully customized assignments for each student, following academic integrity standards.

Ans. Sure, for group assignments, provide the shared guidelines, topics etc., and we’ll get the same expert writer to work on the project together and ensure seamless coordination.

Ans. We make sure to match the best writer to a project within 4-6 hours at maximum utilizing an efficient algorithm and internal team communication.

Ans. Absolutely! Apart from content, we ensure complete compliance with specified formatting – fonts, spacing, margins, headings, citations etc. Just provide samples or guidelines.

Ans. Yes, our writers can not only write but also assist with sourcing suitable journals, studies, and books for research assignments and provide you with a list of sources.

Ans. Yes, we have qualified writers to handle urgent orders and deliver within short deadlines through expedited writing and editing. However, rates are higher for urgent orders.

Ans. Of course! Just inform us about the topic change and required modifications. Our writers will revise the assignment accordingly, free of cost, within the deadline.

Ans. Log in to your account, find the order, and message the writer about inaccuracies. You will get a revised version within the timeframe or money back.

Ans. Yes. With a decade of experience, our writers routinely work on assignments across academic levels – high school, undergraduate, Master, and PhD. – for native English-speaking students.

Ans. Absolutely. Our assignment writers are proficient in tools like Latex, MATLAB, Visio etc., that are needed to format technical components like equations, codes, figures, and charts in disciplines like Engineering, IT, Sciences etc.

Ans. You can request modifications anytime before submitting the work. Let us know the changes needed, and we will have your assignment revised right away for free.

Ans. Definitely, we frequently handle NDAs for sensitive projects. Your order details remain confidential within our secure system. The completed work is fully yours.

Ans. Our experts routinely work on urgent orders with short turnarounds. For a 1-page paper, provide the details, and one of our academic writers can complete it within 3-4 hours.

Ans. Absolutely! We have expert writers to handle assignments of any complexity. Provide comprehensive instructions and any additional material, and we’ll ensure your expectations are met.

Ans. Our multi-layer quality assurance process and proficient editors ensure the highest quality standards are met for even the strictest requirements. We revise until you are fully satisfied.

Ans. Yes, we have graphic designers to create customized illustrations, infographics, charts, graphs, and other visuals as per your requirements to be included in your assignment.

Ans. Definitely! Many of our clients utilize our service regularly for all their assignments. We deliver consistent quality and provide discounts for returning clients.

Ans. Our writers are trained in academic integrity standards like proper referencing, avoiding plagiarism, and ethical writing. They strictly adhere to all university policies and protocols.

Ans. Yes. Our statistics and data analytics experts are proficient in tools like SPSS, Stata, R, SAS, and Matlab that may be required for analyzing data and results for statistical projects.

Ans. Absolutely, you can pick your preferred writer during order placement if they are available or share the writer ID with us, and we will assign them if they meet the order requirements.

Ans. We adhere to all widely used academic style guides, including MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, AMA, CSE etc. Specify the required style, and we will format it as per its guidelines.

Ans. Yes, we offer amazing first-time customer discounts. Use the discount code displayed on the website to get up to 20% off on your first order with us.

Ans. We have free samples, writer qualification details, customer reviews, and a money-back guarantee to help you assess our service quality beforehand. You can also get a free quote.

Ans. With many PhD writers onboard, we have expertise across hundreds of disciplines – both common and niche areas of study at graduate and undergraduate levels.

Ans. For privacy reasons, we don’t share direct contact information. However, you can communicate directly with your writer via the internal messaging system during your order.

Ans. Let us know if you are unsatisfied, and we will have our expert writers revise the assignment free of charge until it meets your requirements. We guarantee satisfaction.

Ans. Yes, our writers will be happy to help explain concepts, frameworks, and theories relevant to your assignment topic so you have a deeper understanding when working on it.

Ans. Absolutely. If source reading is required, just provide the details, and our experts will first read through the resources to extract key points and ensure comprehension before writing.

Ans. Yes! Our academic editors provide professional proofreading, editing, and feedback services to greatly improve assignments you have drafted yourself. Use our ‘Edit My Paper’ service.

Ans. Definitely, apart from instructions, we request assignment rubrics and marking criteria upfront and ensure the ordering, structure, and content quality aligns with it completely.

Ans. Yes, we have great seasonal discounts and loyalty rewards program. The more you order, the bigger discounts you get. We also provide combo offers when ordering multiple assignments.

Ans. Absolutely. Our writers are experienced in using reference management tools like EndNote, Mendeley, and Zotero for flawless citation and referencing in APA and thousands of other styles.

Ans. Yes, we allow instalment payments for orders above $600. You have to pay 60% upfront and the remaining later. Please see the payment page for details.

Ans. No, absolutely not. We maintain strict confidentiality and ensure the completed work is undetectable as external help. No university can trace it back to us. Our service is 100% risk-free.

Ans. We have zero plagiarism tolerance at our service. Our writers produce 100% original content with proper citations and references, following strict academic conduct policies of universities worldwide.

Ans. Yes, our writers don’t just work on assignments mechanically. They help reinforce concepts by explaining anything that is unclear and sending useful study resources.

Ans. Sure, we will send you the complete assignment via email. You can submit it easily through your university’s online portal without any traces of our assistance.

Ans. Yes, our science experts can perform experiments, collect results, analyze data, and integrate findings into the assignment as per the required methodology.

Ans. Definitely, we have affordable monthly and semester-long plans that provide great discounts for students needing regular assignment assistance across terms.

Ans. Absolutely. We customize each assignment following the exact guidelines of your university, like required fonts, spacing, referencing style, cover pages, pagination and others.

Ans. Yes, provide us with the shared instructions and topic details for the group project. Our expert will create coordinated drafts for each team member that you can submit seamlessly.

Ans. We keep your order details and completed work for at least 30 days post-completion. However, we never reuse or resell it – your work is your exclusive property.

Ans. With Ph.D.-level experts onboard, we have specialists in both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, including statistical analysis using tools like SPSS, Stata, R etc.

Ans. Absolutely. Our experts craft each assignment from scratch to match your writing style. You can submit the work worry-free as your own to get great grades hassle-free.

Ans. Yes, we access guidelines of universities across the UK, Australia, Canada, UAE and other countries to ensure full compliance with institutional policies.

Ans. Yes, we offer customizable monthly and semester-long subscription packages that provide great discounts for regular students. Subscribe and save more!

Ans. Don’t worry. With PhD writers onboard, we assist with assignments in hundreds of disciplines – even highly specialized niche topics at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Ans. Yes, we have thousands of samples and customer reviews on our website that vouch for the high quality of our academic writing and editing services.

Ans. Definitely, we have affordable monthly and semester-long plans that provide great discounts for students needing regular assignment assistance across terms.

Ans. Absolutely. We guarantee 100% original and unique work drafted exclusively for you. Plus, strict confidentiality policies ensure it is never shared or reused anywhere.

Ans. Yes, provide us with the requirements, research materials, samples etc., and we will allocate the work across more than one expert writer if needed to provide higher quality and quicker completion.

Ans. Completely. Our practices align with laws in the US, UK, Australia, Canada etc., allowing us to legally provide academic research and editing help within defined limits.

Ans. We assign you the same expert writer for all your orders. You can also request a preferred writer for a smooth, consistent experience each time. Good ratings also reflect our reliable service.

Ans. Our experts don’t just work on assignments but also help you learn concepts better, improve research abilities, and structure the drafting process – benefits that equip you with skills for future success.

Ans. Yes, using a legitimate assignment writing service like Academic Assignments is completely safe. They guarantee 100% confidentiality, deliver plagiarism-free original work, and comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Ans. Academic Assignments is one of the most reputable and top-rated assignment writing companies online. With over a decade of experience, high-qualified writers, and strong customer satisfaction, we are a trusted choice for students worldwide.

Ans. Academic Assignments has a dedicated team of professional nursing and healthcare writers who can complete flawless nursing assignments, case studies, PICOT papers, and more.

Ans. All writers at Academic Assignments are handpicked academic experts. Look through our writer profiles and samples or let our automated system find the most qualified writer for your assignment needs.

Ans. With years of experience, thousands of satisfied students, and strict confidentiality policies, Academic Assignments is a highly reliable choice for all your assignment writing needs.

Ans. Yes, Academic Assignments provides urgent assignment help for UK students. Our UK writers work on papers with tight deadlines to ensure timely delivery.

Ans. Read requirements carefully, research extensively, prepare an outline, write coherently, edit rigorously, format properly and cite sources. You can also get guidance from Academic Assignments’ writing experts.

Ans. Academic Assignments provides professional assignment help for all levels from high school to Ph.D. Our qualified writers can handle level 7 dissertations, analysis, reports, and more.

Ans. We have dedicated level 5 writers to work on undergraduate assignments. Check samples or our writer profiles to pick the best expert for your level 5 order.