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A dissertation permits and allows the student to present their knowledge and provide a better understanding in response to a question. The main objective of such a dissertation or projects presented by scholars is to examine independent research skills. Scholars or students generally acquire these independent research skills during their time at university. This kind of assessment helps them to determine their final grade. Some students may take a healthy guide from their respective tutors to better understand the proposition that they chose themselves earlier. So the dissertation is considered to an essay written by scholars only after gaining a solid knowledge of a subject. So it can be said that a dissertation is a form of academic writing. 

Writing a dissertation means that the student or learner takes full responsibility for his own. So, in that case, we help our clients in providing high-quality dissertation help. Our assignment writers are well-talented and provide a quality service to our students.

According to many reports, students begin to write a dissertation with much more passion. However, later on, it seems to be lost. To write a proper dissertation, it is of utmost importance that the scholars need to follow any two kinds of dissertations methods.

There are two types of dissertations. First is an empirical dissertation, which involves collecting data from members of the public. The second is a non-empirical dissertation, which is implemented by taking help from the existing data and arguments in the work of others. So if you are searching for proper dissertation help within short deadlines, contact our online thesis writing service.

Primary methods of dissertation

The two types of dissertation methods that scholars often follow are

  • Qualitative Research

The main focus of the qualitative research method is to gather or examine the topic through interviews, open-minded questions, beliefs, certain behaviour, and a lot more. The qualitative method includes three kinds of routinely used techniques. They are

  1. Case Study- This research focuses more on the usage of multiple sources of data. This data is generally collected from interviews, documents, journals, field notes, and other related sources. A case study mainly focuses on a specific case or circumstance faced by a particular group of people. For instance, a researcher may look at a particular organisation’s workplace environment, focusing on the positive and negative thoughts regarding the topic.
  2. Phenomenology- This research generally depicts the lived experiences. This helps the reader in better understanding and experience the topic. This type of research is generally considered to be complicated. It is due to the presence of emotional context. The researcher needs to know and understand the person, both emotionally and mentally. So, in this case, it involves a specific interview, survey with the people involved in the case.
  3. Generic Qualitative Inquiry-This type of researches is conducted when the student has specific qualitative research questions. However, their study does not meet the criteria of the specific case study or phenomenology. So for such a case, the researcher may use similar methods but may not have a thorough foundation of research available.
  • Quantitative
  1. Primary Data Collection-This is the type of data collecting approach by the researcher. This kind of data can be collected either electronically or in-person by the researcher. This type of approach helps researchers to understand what exact variables can be operationalised in the study. This helps the researcher to decide what variable they are interested in exploring. All the collected data can be analysed through statistical techniques. This helps the researcher to access the relationships among variables.
  2. Secondary Data Collection-This kind of approach statistical analysis of data collected by any other organisations or researchers. The data can be collected through web-based journals, articles, reports, and a lot more. Nowadays, there are many available data sets present for researchers. So it can be said that secondary data initially saves much more time for researchers. It can be considered as a way of accessing information about vulnerable populations ethically.

So the choice of methods is typically based on the state of the field, the feasibility of the research, and the nature of the research questions. Our online assignment writing service helps them by providing quality writing and finishing within a specific deadline. 

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