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Best Thesis Help in UAE

Academic Assignments provide best thesis help in the UAE and Gulf (GCC) region. Writing a thesis requires a very focussed team and needs to be region specific. For example, the strucutre and style of doing a thesis in the UAE may be different from that in the UK or the USA. This is due to a lot of reasons of which being country specific is on of the most priority. This Coutry specific writing differs due to difference in economy, culture, religion and many such demographic and economic factors. Further, the struture in terms of layout, referencing style, word count break down etc is different as per region as well as the university.

At Academic Assignments we focus on having specific writers for every region. This allows us to establish a good connect with the expectation and reality. However, it is euqlly true that every thesis needs to be dealth with a very professional approach. After all, a thesis is a doctorate degree.

Process of Thesis Help

Thesis Help is a very vast study and needs a very disciplined apporach. For this we use a very specific approach by working with the client at each step to ensure complete cordination and satisfaction. Here we follow few steps as underneath.

Thesis writing steps

  1. Preparing Title & Research Questions

    This is a very critical stage as a thorough research is required to establish the topic/ title but understanding the significance of the study and the problem area/statement.

  2. Preparing a Proposal

    Once step 1 is completed, a thorough proposal should be prepared including the parts of steps 1 plus the research aims, objectives, hypothesis etc. After this, a small literature review is required followed by a brief plan (methodology) and the time frame.

  3. Introduction chapter

    In this chapter detailed study on the significance of the topic, the need for the study, the research objective, problem statement, hypothesis etc is to be provided. One can add a brief summary of the chapters planned ahead.

  4. Literature Review Chapter

    A through peer review journals and good publications should be researched and studied. The findings of the key articles must be stated with details like the method used by the autor, validation process etc. This chapter is the biggest for a thesis and contributes to about 35-40% of the total thesis.

  5. Research Methodology Chapter

    The research methodology along with the detailed approach, design etc is mentioned in this chapter. It can be quantitative, qualitative or mixed approach.

  6. Data Findings & Discussion

    This chapter details about the findings. It can be in form of table or text or graphical.

  7. Data Analysis

    Here the data of chapter 6 is lined to the literature and other findings to conclude on the hypothesis or the research questions/objectives.

  8. Recommendations & Conclusion

    Finally the reseach is concluded with accepting or rejecting of hypothesis. There must be a mention of scope of further studies as well as the limitations of the research.