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Contract Law Assignment Help
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We provide Contract Law assignment help service to UK students, and they can avail of our writing services. We are dedicated to providing high-quality assignments to students pursuing a degree in Law. The Contract Law in the UK is legislated through the “Sale and Supply of Goods Act (HMSO 1994)”, it protects the seller and the buyers. The Act also agrees to the purchase of goods from the supplier where the contract comes into force. The English Contract law is known as the body of regulating Law in England and Wales. Contract law can define as the governing or body of Law that enforces an agreement between two or more parties who have provided legal consent and bound for the exchange of goods and services. 

The fundamental area of a contract is the creation of contract law, contents of the contract in terms, privity, exclusions, discharge, vitiating factors, and remedies. ‘Consideration’ is required to form an agreement to contract. In Contract law, ‘Breach of Contract’ is another important term; breach of contract happens when the one or other agreed part of the contract fails to put his promise or part of the agreement. It varies in acuteness, and it can be partial, anticipatory, the material of fundamental as well. The ‘Award of Damages can only enforce the remedy for the breach of contract’; in other words, it means the court of law awards the damages. It is compensated for the loss of party, victim or injured party. It is a descriptive subject and consist of different concepts and conventions; hence it can be termed a complex concept when it comes to application. To understand the concepts, one needs to go through several contract law cases. Contract law can be understood on better terms by the following:

Formation of Contract: When two parties agree to a business or any agreement together, they honour the values and duties; therefore, a form of contract takes place between them. 

Offer and Acceptance:  The offer and Acceptance of the English contract law are bounded by a contract in which one party offers an agreement, and the other party accepts the agreement. Therefore, the following agreement is enforced to a contract.

To create legal Intention: All agreements are not contracts, whereby the Law does not enforce all contracts. A legal intention and consent are probably needed to make the agreement enforceable by the Law and create a contract.

Aleatory Contract: It is known as a mutual contract that the Law enforces; for example, an aleatory contract can take place when an insurance policy, where the insurance company makes a payment after the fortuitous occasion. 

To compose a high-quality essay on Contract Law Assignment, we have experts who would guide you and pen down a perfect assignment on a timely basis. The following essay shows that ‘offer’ and ‘acceptance’ play a vital role in Contract Law. The topics that are covered under the Contract Law are the emergence and history of Contract Law agreement, elements of the Law of Contract, Comparison and contrast on Representation and Warranties in Contract Law, the scientific concept of inference and legal pragmatism, what role does ‘Consideration’ plays in the Modern Contract Law, the impact of labour law on the immigrant labour in the UK. Contract Law can be categorised under five heads, and they are as follows:

1. Bilateral Contracts: The following contract is made on mutual agreements of both the parties, the parties here bound by their exchange of promises. The promises are considered as sufficient consideration for each of the parties.

2. Unilateral Contracts:  It is a kind of contract where only one part requests performance from the other and is not limited to a promise. In the following contract, only one part is liable to express a promise, and it is performed without any security or agreement from the other party.

3. Express Contract: It can be termed a contract where the promises are exchanged in conditions from the parties’ whether in an oral, written or both ways. It is also known as a commercial contract, where the express term means to express an agreed contract between two contracting parties.

4. Implied Contracts: It is formally a kind of contract that is formed against the parties’ conduct and against the background of the circumstances of the cases. Here, the parties show the Law enforces an intention to create legal relations and essentials of agreement. In other words, it is a kind of contract based on the parties’ intention to create an agreement that also might be altered with various circumstances. 

5. Unconscionable Contract: In English Law, it is a kind of contract which is prevented based on the enforcement of consent-based obligations by exploiting the unequal power between the consenting parties. In other words, it can be stated as an unfair or illegitimate term of the contract which only favours one party that is involved in the agreement. 

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